Aleppo revealed.

The unprecedented house to house conquering of nearly half of East Aleppo by government forces and their allies has revealed some shocking realities and they have no similarity to the propaganda coming from Washington or London. TV, newspapers and politicians have claimed up to a quarter of a million civilians have been held captive in … Continue reading Aleppo revealed.

Isn’t it amazing …….

... That the terrorists, despite being under constant attack and previously only using very basic drones like this: ....Could advance in such a short time to these: This is what the Syrian Arab Army shot out of the sky near Deir Ezzor. I don't think ISIS got these free with a packet of Kellogs Cornflakes.

The silence of the Obama and the Cameron.

The Syrian Arab Army victory in Palmyra was a stunning success over the Daesh thugs and bogus Muslim chancers. The barbarity that has been on display has no place in any religion and anyone claiming that they have widespread support among Muslims are as uneducated as the delusional freaks who have tormented the Syrian people … Continue reading The silence of the Obama and the Cameron.