Another false alarm ‘terrorist’ attack spooks the twitchy Brits.

A smashed window in Oxford Street, London creates a stampede.

The British pride themselves on the ‘stiff upper lip’ mentality but despite the government telling the terrorists they won’t change our behaviour with their terror tactics, the reality is very different. It appears that anything akin to a bursting balloon has the Brits in a stampede in no time. The fear factor is palpable in British cities but as long as ‘we’ ignore the interference our government is pursuing in the Middle East (in particular), the threat will maintain its grip. The government are allowed to continue policies that antagonise others abroad and there is always someone willing to try to get revenge. That discounts the plots that are encouraged and funded by our security services. If they can’t catch a cold, they are forced to set up some fools to be their patsies. It doesn’t happen? Yes it does. The stories of intelligence criminality is already seeping out from the murders and bombings that were committed in Ireland by British security services.

ISIS can’t blame the UK foreign policy as the reason they are likely to attack us because British foreign policy is the same as theirs. Protect Israel. The only reason the government voted against the US recently at the UN was because the loudmouth duo of  Trump and Haley gave them no choice after issuing such outrageous threats. Why haven’t any of the think tanks, funded by all sorts if shady characters, revealed that ISIS have not and do not attack Israel? Have we no journalists that can see that these apparent deadly enemies are cosying up to each other in an attempt to fragment Syria, weaken Hezbollah and ultimately do the same for Iranian influence?

Yes , we do  but if they want to maintain their lifestyle, they have to ignore the elephant in the room. If by any chance they did try to reveal some unfortunate truths, it wouldn’t get past the editor.

‘We’ keep these newspapers in business through buying their shitty rags. We rarely protest our government’s policies, either home or abroad. By our silence, we are actually giving our tacit approval. The media supports the terrorists abroad but scream blue murder when terrorism visits us here. Whether it is real or not.

Remember the media claiming Russian and Syrian jets had destroyed Aleppo?

The British government have been openly financing the White Helmets. In the video below, they have what looks like a brand new JCB. Did British taxpayers supply it?

Another even more astonishing fact is that the very people we support and fund are the most likely to come and blow up our train stations or concert halls. It isn’t supporters of Assad that are likely to create a stampede in Central London, it’s the associates of the White Helmets.

Fortunately, internet shopping can remove the need for putting ourselves in harm’s way. From the safety of our homes, we can buy anything we want. Even when we are sat smugly in our armchairs, safely away from the danger of loud banging noises, we can still insist that these bloody terrorists will never change us. But they have.

We are fearful of our own shadow and a packet of balloons could cause chaos in our high streets. We aren’t scared but we’ll shop online – Just in case.


Terrorists won’t change our way of life.

The headline of this article is a term we’ve heard many times, notably after every alleged terrorist attack. High profile politicians rattle out the well used phrase in defiance of any carnage on our streets, whilst neglecting to tell us what they base their theory on. Did ISIS or some other group of murderous criminals make a public announcement to confirm these aims? No, it’s simply the default phrase used following an act of terrorism and they cannot support the claim with any credible evidence.

Never mentioned is the the elephant in the room. We ignore the devastating violence inflicted on Muslim dominated nations and subsequently, the bogus reasons used to justify those attacks. Afghanistan never had nuclear weapons but hiding in the Tora Bora mountains was a villain worthy of a 007 plot, Bin Laden. Luckily, Tony Blair said they did have nuclear weapons in Iraq, we just never found any. Gadaffi couldn’t be allowed to murder his own people but we were. Bashar al Assad, the gentle looking qualified opthalmist didn’t quite look the part but when you’ve got a dedicated team like the White helmets on your side, it doesn’t matter if your target looks as innocent as Mother Theresa.

These partially destroyed countries have one common theme, Muslims. Not exclusively but if you were to drop a bomb at random in any of the four nations, the most likely outcome would be dead Muslims.

Even more surprising is that ‘we’ aren’t being (literally) invaded by armed soldiers of the aforementioned regions. After all, they are within their rights to defend themselves against our aggression under the Geneva Conventions. The fraudulent claim that it is to help them or rid them of a tyrant is pure fiction. I suggest the true primary reason for these illegal slaughters is to remove barriers for Israeli domination of the Middle East. Only by compartmentalising the surrounding neighbours of Israel can they hope to keep them in check. Apparently, splitting up the various groups is the job of the US and it’s lackeys.

So, now we know why there are groups of Muslim fanatics attacking the West.

..Actually, we don’t. What is certain is that our Western lifestyle is NOT the problem. Many of these terrorist plots have been initiated by security services, enticing gullible young men into attempting a slaughter and the ones that are real killers are just that – killers. News agencies don’t mention that ‘white’ criminals are Christian. Even worse than that, ‘terrorism’ is only mentioned if the perpetrators are suspected to be Muslim.

For instance, if we are to believe that Stephen Paddock was the lone gunman in Las Vegas (which I don’t), were the victims ‘terrorised’? The media says not,  purely because he wasn’t a Muslim. How ridiculous and indeed bizarre is that? I think there could be fewer situations that are more terrorising than being amongst that crowd a few months ago.

The acts of terrorism the West is exposed to are a meagre response to the crimes inflicted on other nations and the perpetrators have nothing to do with any religion. It is an obscene list of events that has nothing to do with Islam. However, we do need to look at how we allow our politicians to commit these crimes. In the wider world, we are constantly encouraged to be accountable for our actions, so why are our politicians virtually exempt from (not just) moral condemnation but also the full force of the law for the state terrorism inflicted on people that aren’t a threat to us?

The politicians who direct our military and create crippling economic sanctions on their victims appear to be immune to the blowback felt by the rest of us.

The recent scare at Oxford Circus which resulted in pandemonium in central London appears to be a dispute between two travellers. The event is proof that ‘our’ lives have been changed by the threat of terrorism. We have become scared of our own shadow. The reality that gangs of criminals around the inner cities are an everyday threat is made much worse because thousands of police have been removed from our streets. Meanwhile, the money poured into the ‘security’ industry is mind blowing, despite statistics pointing toward a miniscule threat.

Either way, the people governing us are even less likely to become a victim of the exaggerated terrorism and they know it.


A headline writers dream.

.. The picture isn’t very impressive though.

parsons green

This rather pathetic looking device has provided our automatic rifle carrying Police to ‘big it up’ in many cities and towns this weekend, as the terrorist warning alerts go to critical. It seems that the fireball emitted from this bomb was very environmentally friendly to it’s surroundings and only managed to singe a few eyebrows. The stampede that followed it seems to have been more of a health and safety issue than the contents of the Lidl cooler bag.

One woman described it as being like Hillsborough with people stacked on top of each other and even a pregnant woman being knocked over. I have no idea if the witness knew how many people died at the football ground tragedy but comparing the two events leaves me speechless.

The Police response is fairly predictable. Give any officer who can shoot straight a weapon but don’t tell the public what the suspect looks like.

The government quickly had a ‘COBRA’ meeting, an event that is becoming more frequent. I wonder what Boris Johnson does at these hastily arranged gatherings? The thought of top level critical meeting with this clown being a vital cog doesn’t fill me with confidence. He can barely put one foot in front of the other without stepping in dog excrement and he can’t make a statement without creating a crowd of people shaking their heads in disbelief. The man is an absolute prick.

Bucket bomber!

The Daily Mail expresses the usual over the top horror at this most recent attack to try to scare the public. They never mention the fact that the British government have been creating opportunities for real terrorists to cause untold bloodshed in many other countries with their foreign policies for decades. Sadly, these examples are rather more deadly and happen on a daily basis in town and cities in primarily, the Middle East.

Huge sigh of relief.

The blundering bomber has been arrested, so London’s commuters can now travel safely, as long as there are no more unattended carrier bags detected. It would be interesting to have a list of exactly what injuries this ‘terrorist incident’ created. Supposedly, 29 people were injured but the worst i’ve seen is more akin to cigarette lighter accident. Twisted ankles and pulled muscles, perhaps?

If you think I’m being far too casual about the Parsons Green ‘bombing’, it’s intentional. The bombing and subsequent reporting are a cynical attempt to convince people that we are in imminent danger of the easily influenced, incompetent and laughable ‘security risk’ extremists. The terrorists that the British Army have been training in and around Syria will be much more of a threat than the bucket bomber and his pals. You won’t be told about the equipping of terrorists likely to attack Syrian soldiers defending their homes and families. They won’t tell you the truth about the millions of pounds the UK government has given the bogus ISIS fire brigade, the White Helmets.

The Grenfell inquiry.

I also doubt that this PR exercise will reveal much, either. We will have to wait and see if Boris Johnson’s butchering of the London Fire Brigade will be regarded as relevant. It wasn’t just the reduction of Fire Stations in the capital that should be investigated, it should also reveal how many very experienced and long serving Firemen took early retirement and if it had any bearing on the rescuing of victims or the way in which they tackled the blaze. I’m not saying that those firefighters that did attend did anything wrong but there are certain times when more experienced heads are required. I don’t expect these questions to be answered or many others in what will be another state coverup.

Omran Daqneesh.

The truth about the iconic orange ambulance photo that the West tried to use to attack Syria.

I may have suspected that the scene was set up when it initially happened but it seems that it was real, however Omran’s misery was used as a photo op by the rebels in a crude attempt to draw in the West, to attack Assad. The extremists will clearly use any situation to further their cause. Perhaps we should also cast doubts over the Bana story, knowing how they tried to take advantage of Omran.


Fortunately Omran and his sister looked much worse than they actually were and both have recovered from their ordeal. Here is Omran’s father talking about the cynical use of his misfortune:

Of course the lying mainstream media won’t cover this story given that Omran’s family could have gone anywhere but decided to return to their home after the insurgents had been cleansed. The truth is that they were only interested in Omran when he was a stick to beat Assad with and were never bothered about his well being. Thankfully, he’s fine now he’s returned home to Aleppo and seems none the worse for the mainstream media’s abuse in covering his plight.

What this also confirms is the shameful and universal media drumbeat for war, which resulted from a small childs near miss. If you weren’t aware of it before, the MSM will stoop as low as they like for the profits of the military industrial complex. They are basically an evil combination and a prime example of all that is wrong in the West. Just like the Aleppo terrorists, they need to be cleansed.

Never mind the vigils…. Wake up!!

The minutes silence won’t change anything. Don’t stay silent, contact your political representative and demand answers to terrorist funding.

All these platitudes and messages of defiance will not change anything. Our government are supporting the very people that are twisting religious philosophy to support their own interpretation of it. My own local member of parliament either deliberately lied to me or actually believed that UK aid to Syrian opposition was ‘non lethal’. The White Helmets are murdering terrorists, yet we’ve been funding them, only for their acquaintances and allies to attack us. That’s surmising it’s not all a ruse to get May elected. Her reputation and election lead has nose dived, so I wouldn’t rule anything out.

Our foreign policy, shrouded in secrecy and concealing British involvement in making the lives of other people a misery, is the real problem. For instance, it should  be Syrian pro government supporters who attack us – for OUR support of terrorist elements. Theresa May demanding we should be ‘tougher’ is an absolute joke. She and her government are actively supporting terrorism inflicted on other people, without any concern for ordinary Syrians.

Another effect of our interference around the world is that it actually creates refugees. Do you think the likes of May is concerned about uncontrolled immigration? It isn’t a problem if the infrastructure is upgraded and the whole process is managed. It is a problem if it makes the lives of already struggling communities even more difficult. Pushing refugees (with a whole host of their own problems) on to an area already plagued with many social issues won’t help anyone. May’s promises about reducing immigration have been an utter failure. Her (almost) 20% (19,000) reduction of police officers in seven years will be regarded differently. That is unless you ever require their help. Then you’ll be asked to email them. Roads are becoming much more dangerous places because there are fewer patrol cars and people know they are less likely to be caught doing anything wrong. Speed cameras aside, the roads are largely lawless.

When Theresa May became Prime Minister, her successor as Home Secretary was the even more reprehensible Amber Rudd. Rudd’s family have been embroiled in unsavoury financial dealings. There are accusations of multiple bankruptcies and investors losing huge amounts of money in business dealings with Rudd’s father and brother. Not the sort of background you would expect of someone who would be controlling the nation’s Police force.

Corbyn has been as clean as a whistle during his long and largely low-key political career. One of the lines of attack from the Conservatives appears to be his reluctance to commit mass murder by firing a nuclear weapon. His efforts to resolve the Northern Ireland conflict has been attacked and he believes that dialogue, not bombs should be used to resolve conflict.

It’s just been announced that the people arrested after the recent London attack have all been released. It strikes me as clutching at straws to detain the acquaintances and family of a suspect. However, Theresa May believes the Police should be allowed to question them for weeks on end without being charged. Due process is critical to a truly democratic society and internment cannot be a part of that. The abhorrence known as Guantanamo springs to mind.

Theresa May insists on ever more internet control without a shred of evidence to connect terrorism with web use by extremists. It’s with ‘security’ approval that many terrorists have been almost encouraged to go and fight against Libyan and Syrian governments. For this there will be a price to pay. Only Jeremy Corbyn will stop this practice.

Vote Corbyn for a foreign policy that doesn’t encourage people to hate us.

Salman Abedi.

A catalogue of incompetence caused the deaths of 22 people and no one will ever be held accountable.

Salman Abedi was reported 5 times to authorities by people concerned that he had extremist views.
He visited a prisoner who was a convicted terrorist and the visits were supervised. He managed to travel around the world with no apparent means to pay for it.
Billions of pounds are spent on Intelligence and Security but blundering officers didn’t recognise a suspect that was only missing a tattoo on his forehead saying ‘I’m a terrorist’.

Almost all of us are accountable when we make a serious error of judgement in our place of work but the Police and in particular the ‘Intelligence services’ are immune to any consequences of their catastrophic negligence. The lives of 22 people are lost and many others facing life changing injuries while specialist officers are full of pitiful excuses as they seem to randomly arrest Muslims before quietly releasing them.

These agencies have been funded increasing amounts of public money, without proving they are good value. Claims they have stopped various terror attacks are seldom supported with arrests or indeed court cases. The Shajul Islam case actually proves the opposite. They allowed a critical witness to a terrorist trial to return to Syria before allowing the suspect to do the same. The various Intelligence experts are a fraud. They don’t protect us, they just keep telling us that we need protecting from these ongoing attacks.