Just when you thought the Americans had reached the limit of their stupidity………

The shooting down of a Russian jet suggests the US has supplied terrorists with manpads.

If it weren’t the Americans directly, it will have been authorised by them. The worlds passenger jets have just become very real targets with the use of the lethal surface to air portable hand held missile system. The weapon is highly manoeuvrable and subsequently not easy to detect. It’s success rate is extremely high and in the hands of the mentally challenged, easily influenced and backward ISIS freaks, the danger to all aircraft has risen tenfold.

These people aren’t rational nor religious. They have contorted their holy scriptures in such an outlandish way that they no longer resemble the original text. There is no concern for others, no empathy, no respect for human life, particularly the people they conclude are not in line with their drug fuelled ideology.

The US and primarily the Israelis have been itching to give the rabid extremists some of these weapons. Why would they put ALL aircraft at risk? They didn’t. They must still have control of the manpads. They wouldn’t risk their own commercial airlines, not even to remove Assad. It is today rumoured that a neighbouring country has supplied the manpads, suggesting it could be Turkey. If this is the case, it would still be with the Americans approval.

If indeed Turkey are involved, the repercussions could be very damaging. Russia has already shown how it can damage the Turkish economy. Any further sanctions to punish Erdogan wouldn’t be so publicly acknowledged. Putin is in a different league to most leaders around the world, reprisals from him could be devastating for Turkey. Putin hasn’t been deterred by pressure from US allies and is still carrying on with his policy in Syria. The results of this latest terrorist action will create interesting times. If I were a gambling man, my money would be on Putin.


I spoke too soon…..

Israel provides air cover for terrorist elements in  Quneitra.

The Israeli Air Force today supplied air cover for Al Nusra terrorists, destroying Syrian military vehicles and killing two Syrian soldiers. The lying Israelis claimed the attack was because of errant weapons fire into ‘Israel controlled areas’. If they weren’t illegally occupying the Golan Heights, there wouldn’t be a problem in the first place but can they explain why these problems occur only when the terrorists are attacking Syrian forces?

Despite admissions of supporting terrorist elements for years, the Israelis get an easy ride from our media. They are never exposed for their crimes no matter how heinous. Palestine is ignored. Crimes against it’s neighbours are ignored. Israeli interference in the British political system, amongst other countries is ignored. For all the different ways which the mainstream media conveniently ignore Israel, there has to be only one conclusion. Israel controls the mainstream media.

Conspiracy theory? Try to find a journalist critical of Israel. Learn how many Palestinian homes have been bulldozed. Try to find out how many young Arabs have been killed by the IDF, claiming they attacked soldiers with a knife. Try to find the name of the 15 year old Palestinian girl that died because she was left for an hour and a half with her fatal injuries, bleeding to death on the floor. Try to find out the conditions in which Palestinian prisoners are kept in, many of them without ever being formally charged or tried in court. Learn what if feels like to be stood in blistering heat waiting to be processed to go through a check point that serves no security purpose.

Try to find this information out from our mainstream media and you will be wasting your time. No conspiracy theory here.


There are no moderate rebels in Syria.

After the evacuation of East Aleppo recently, dozens of bodies of ‘rebel’ prisoners have been found. Many identified as Syrian soldiers or their allies, it appears the ‘moderate rebels’ that the US have been protecting decided to have one more killing spree before they left Aleppo. Many of the murdered prisoners were tortured, some of it caught on video.

So after being allowed out of East Aleppo, rebels supported by the West couldn’t leave in a dignified manner afforded to them by the Syrian Loyalists, they had to go on one more murderous spree. During this conflict, many Syrian Arab Army soldiers (and allies) have been systematically slaughtered after being caught. We should consider the trauma inflicted on every one of these soldiers families, knowing they met such a brutal end. This latest atrocity should be the final straw so far as being fair with the terrorists is concerned.

In another attack by the ‘moderate rebels’ the water supply for Damascus has been poisoned, apparently with Diesel.

These people have no conscience. They don’t care if they kill a thousand innocents to kill one Loyalist but the time of treating these criminals like normal human beings has to stop. They cannot be negotiated nor mediated with, they cannot be trusted to reciprocate acts of kindness. They just enjoy killing. Syrian Loyalists must now try to reduce the number of psychopaths in the world by showing no mercy. A ‘no surrender’ of militant suspects must be initiated. If these drugged up thugs affiliated with their Israeli allies want a fight to the death, let them have their wish. These vicious, murderous cowards need putting out of their misery. They are of no use to the rest of humanity. They are unable to enhance the lives of others, they seek only to destroy.

For many years I have been against the death penalty, partly because of the incompetent Justice system, however these ‘moderate rebels’ have had enough chances to show they are decent but have failed to do so.

Syrian Arab Army , Russia, Hezbollah and all the other defenders to the people of Syria needs to defend long term. Take no prisoners. Remember what they have done to your comrades. It’s time to ‘do unto others’ …………..


Ban Ki-moon.

Ban Ki-moon is claiming the Syrian government are carrying out atrocities on civilians exiting rebel controlled areas of Aleppo. Has he not seen soldiers carrying old people that are unable to walk out of the rubble? Has he not seen the smiling faces of women and SAA soldiers handing sweets out to children?  I don’t suppose he has heard all the testimonies claiming that the terrorists would not allow them to escape the war zone?

Well Mr Ban Ki-moon, here is something else you won’t have noticed. Hundreds, if not thousands of Syrian Arab Army soldiers and their Iranian, Russian and Hezbollah allies have been mercilessly executed by the combatants that are now being caught or giving themselves up to Loyalist factions around Aleppo. There may well be some vengeful actions by some of these men who have seen video footage of their friends executed. You may well appeal to these soldiers to show restraint but I am unable to recall your condemnation of mass murders committed by the criminal extremists, so don’t waste your breath.

Ki-moon’s minions declared that Syria and Russia were responsible for any atrocities committed on civilians but that’s not strictly true. There are many militias that had to be used in order to save the country from the extremists, some of these men might take the law in to their own hands, but hopefully not. If I had a position of authority I would urge them to show mercy, nothing can be gained by behaving as the terrorists did.

I can’t remember Ban Ki-moon expressing outrage at the illegal US, UK and Belgian attack on Syrian soldiers at Deir Ezzor. Somewhere between 60 and 100 SAA soldiers families lost a loved one in that unprovoked attack, how is he going to give those families any justice? He won’t give it a second thought. If I could meet up with Mr Ban Ki-moon, I would tell him to keep his uncorroborated conspiracy theories to himself and do what he has been doing for the last 5 or so years….. Keep his fucking nose out of Syrian affairs until he has something constructive, truthful or helpful to say.


Where is the media frenzy?

Terrorists in the Aleppo city region have begun deliberately targeting civilian parts of government held Aleppo. With the casualty figures rising rapidly due to the indiscriminate assaults by extremists it would be fair to ask “where is the humanitarian ceasefire for people in loyalist controlled areas of Aleppo?”

The media condemnation is absent, not acknowledging the murderous and deliberate attacks on civilians when they aren’t in a ‘rebel’ district. There are numerous accusations of chemical weapons being used by the extremists, again ignored by the news agencies. To make matters worse, the Russian and Syrian air forces have stopped attacking Eastern Aleppo to avoid civilian casualties. Despite the vital intervention of Russia in Syria and the plain fact that if they hadn’t intervened, it would now be a failed state, I find it hard not to question this unilateral decision. Criticism from the West has played a part in the cessation of air attacks and of course the media’s dutiful support but there comes a time when the lives of the average Syrian should be staunchly defended and I think that time has come. The terrorists are taking full advantage of the situation, knowing that to defend civilian areas more robustly, the Syrian Arab Army and its allies will be stretched even further.

Bashar Al Assad said in recent interviews that the West only complains about civilian casualties in rebel held territory when the terrorists are losing and it’s true. Terrorist attacks on exit corridors increase the closer it gets to the end of the ceasefire, deliberately attempting to stop civilians leaving East Aleppo. Government held West Aleppo, has suffered a barrage of rockets and mortars that have left many dead. Not a word from the mainstream media.


The truth about Syria. Please show your friends and family this short video. (Updated)

My criticism for the BBC is usually unrelenting. Interviews are skewed and many interviewees attempting to relay a logical and honest rebuttal to the lies of governments are cut short, aggressively questioned and even deliberately sidelined. This short interview with Dr Marcus Papadopoulos is a rare exception. He clearly describes the actual truth about Russian assistance to Syria, its perfectly legal basis and the disgraceful action of the UK government, with regards to its attempts to distort reality. Most importantly, the interviewer allows him to answer his questions without interruption.

I urge people that might not be fully aware of the situation in Syria to watch this news clip, which is only just over 4 minutes long. I applaud Mr Papadopoulos for his factual appraisal of Russian involvement in Syria and would add that if we do not hold our warmongering politicians to account, we could be inextricably lurching towards a world wide conflict which could result in nuclear weapons being used. We are at a very dangerous point in history that could escalate in to a catastrophe if we do not fully understand the situation.

Please, please encourage friends, family and colleagues to spend just over 4 minutes of their time to watch this invaluable interview with Dr Marcus Papadopoulos


For those who think that I may have been exaggerating when I said “we could be inextricably lurching towards a world wide conflict”, here is a very sobering discussion between General Dunford and Mr Wicker of the Senate Armed Services Committee. In the latter part of the short clip, John McCain puts the General under pressure and he starts to back pedal. I believe he caved in due to the reputation of McCain and his close relationships with militant extremists in Syria. Having said that, General Dunsford wasn’t convincing with his detraction, despite McCain’s dismissive comments.

McCain probably became agitated because he has met with known terrorist’s in Syria, even being photographed with them.


It has been claimed that the man second from the left is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS. I’m not sure about that, although there are many similarities. What isn’t in doubt is that McCain broke Syrian law by meeting these thugs, without having the relevant paper work. The sooner this nasty piece of work ‘retires’, the better.


Are we really so gullible……..

Intense news coverage is being used to try to gain public approval for both the US and UK to attack the Syrian Arab Army AND that will mean attacking Russia too. The unrelenting images of people being pulled from buildings covered in dust are not a real reflection of the situation and it is in both Russia and Syria’s interest not to harm civilians. The same cannot be said for the terrorists. They continually bombard government held Aleppo and on a daily basis routinely kill civilians. Five children were killed whilst at school only yesterday. Reports of these murders are withheld from the news reports received in the West and only images purporting to be from inside rebel areas are transmitted. Every news bulletin is based on a pack of lies or from the terrorists themselves. Have we forgotten what happens to Western journalists when the terrorists find them? James Foley and Steven Sotloff’s families haven’t.

This is the fate of journalists caught by terrorists in Syria. Journalists Foley and Sotloff.

If this is what happens to journalists, how are the news media getting precise reports from inside terrorist held areas? The only exception would be Bilal Abdul Kareem, the American journalist who is a known sympathiser for the extremists.


Here is Mr Bilal, reporting from inside rebel held Aleppo.

The buildings behind Mr Bilal look intact. Perhaps a little bit shabby but certainly not half destroyed.


…. And these don’t look like they have been targeted by the Russian or Syrian air force either.


…. Nor these. I agree, not the most luxurious looking apartments but I can’t see no missile damage.

If we take a look at a government held part of Aleppo now.


Government held area of Aleppo, not something you will see on the BBC.

So if I can produce evidence of terrorists deliberately targeting pro Assad territory, why can’t the so called journalists? I have not had any training as a journalist, (which is probably obvious) yet I know that I could go and visit any government controlled area and get these photographs myself, providing I was brave enough to go to Syria.

By being deceived from media propaganda ‘we’ve’ already destroyed Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and a good proportion of historic Syria. A good dose of scepticism is required when you see the dusty children being pulled from the rubble. If the White Helmets are involved even more so. Governments clearly don’t need public approval, as Iraq confirmed but they are more emboldened by it.

(in £millions)

Iraq war: £8,164.2

Afghanistan war £21,315.7

Libyan bombing:  £350.0

These are official government figures, so they might be double these amounts. The number of people killed in these unnecessary conflicts is impossible to calculate. Half a million Iraqi children died purely because we wouldn’t allow them to buy vital medication from the West. The same sanctions have been inflicted on Syria.

Hands off Syria!