Corbyn fights for peace.

Opposition leader calls for Parliamentary vote on military action.

The last time the UK was close to military action in Syria, David Cameron, acutely aware of the mess he made of Libya, gave the elected members of parliament a vote on whether we should join the US in its quest to bomb Syria. He lost and this is probably the basis on which Theresa May has denied her Labour Party counterpart the opportunity this time around.

Theresa May’s ‘don’t go to jail’ card.

Despite Tony Blair’s denial of any wrongdoing in the wars on Afghanistan and Iraq, the majority of the UK population hold him responsible for deceit and agreeing to go to war alongside George Bush before there was reasonable evidence to do so. He blamed faulty intelligence but was guilty of twisting that information to suit his own agenda. There was no direct threat to the UK from Iraq and the claim of invading Afghanistan to stop the Taliban from protecting the alleged prime suspect of the 9/11 atrocity, Osama Bin Laden, resulting in him never being convicted, even in absentia, for the crime. Furthermore, he was never described as wanted by the FBI in connection to the attack.

The death of Dr David Kelly, a world renowned expert on WMD and well respected amongst his peers, cleared the way for war. The passing of Dr Kelly was mired in controversy with normal protocols being ignored and questions by a group of eminent doctors and surgeons being dismissed. Dr David Halpin has written extensively on Dr Kelly and it can be found here.

Former Conservative Prime minister, David Cameron also deliberately overstepped a UN mandate with regards to Libya. The US, UK and France tricked the Russians and Chinese into agreeing to a resolution, subsequently forcing regime change when it wasn’t a specific aim. This is partly the reason Russia vetoes any resolution on Syria, knowing that the US and UK will not stop until Assad is deposed. As we all know, Gaddafi was brutally murdered after his fleeing entourage was attacked by the UN.

Theresa May is acutely aware that none of these crimes have been properly investigated, never mind a resulting conviction. The Chilcot inquiry on Iraq was  very clear on its conclusion. Blair had misled, distorted and lied to the British people regarding multiple aspects of the Iraq war (even though the media didn’t describe it like this). Cameron never even faced an inquiry into his part in the destruction of Libya. The RAF were used as an air force for the most extreme criminals, who then went on to provide weapons and ‘rebels’ in the fight against Syria.

Lets not forget that it was these same Libyans that then used a suicide bomber on Manchester Arena and that it was the Home Secretary, Theresa May who allowed this particular group to travel to and from Libya without interference. She is at least guilty of gross incompetence. Salman Abedi and his family were part of community of Libyans living close to each other in Manchester and they were supposed to be under the watchful eye of intelligence agencies. Either these agencies weren’t doing their job or they willfully allowed the Manchester atrocity to go ahead, resulting in the deaths of 22 and maiming of dozens.

Every action has a reaction, unless you’re a politician.

If we had a fair and just legal system, May would not be the Prime Minister at all. She would have been tried for colluding with the terrorists that caused mayhem in Manchester. Blair (and several of his cabinet and advisors) would be looking at us from behind bars, Cameron would be alongside them.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. If we look at cause and effect, every aspect of foreign policy results in creating friends but overwhelmingly, enemies. We enable the most brutal dictators until we find they have much more control than we imagined, then we find a reason to remove them. Ideally, it will be a military removal and then they can suffer the ‘Shock and Awe’ of carpet bombing vast areas, that are bound to contain thousands of civilians. The added bonus is that government then has to replace these munitions.

The companies that prosper because of war.


Now can you see why we ‘need’ to bomb Syria, despite it being unsubstantiated claims by the most extreme of the militants in Syria?

Theresa May.

So here are the basic reasons May will likely bomb Syria.

There will be no possibility of her ever being brought to trial.

Weapons manufacturers will make billions.

Israel will have the fractured Syria it craves.

Theresa May is fervently pro Israel, even going to the length of redefining what constitutes anti semitism in an attempt to curtail criticism of Israel. By insinuating that justifiable attacks on Israeli human rights crimes are anti semitic, she hoped to be able to lawfully limit the legitimate critics of Israel from exposing their atrocious treatment of Palestinians.



Criminal UK government prepare to strike Syria.

Under pressure Theresa May attempting to draw attention away from domestic failure.

Reports that preparations to strike Syria are being made in Cyprus. This disgusting attack should be met with all available Syrian and Russian defence systems and a close eye should be kept on the eternal opportunists, Israel.

The deaths of 31 Palestinians protesting over inhumane living conditions and their right of return are betrayed by Nikki Haley, the UN Ambassador for Israel. The media are indifferent to Israeli crimes yet this blatant false flag, using civilians kidnapped from Alawite communities, are the excuse to bomb Syria. A chemical attack on these people would have been the equivalent of Assad killing his own family.

The words of lying terrorist murderers are used as an excuse to attack a sovereign country. The accusations are false. The accusers are desperate, even other terrorist groups despise them and they have nowhere to go. They are unable to go to that other terrorist paradise, Idlib because they are too extreme. Jaysh al-Islam have slaughtered 4800 prisoners they held, many children and women. The US and British specialist servicemen are embedded with this murderous group, so the attacking governments know that this is all an elaborate fraud.

Theresa May should stop this military action now. It will not save her political career, it will hasten her demise. She is a dead woman walking and the knives are out for her, just like they are in London, where murders are spiralling out of control because of the reduction of thousands of police officers. The cuts were made while she was the Home Office Minister.

People in this country don’t believe a word these corrupt politicians utter especially when they are defending known terror groups.

To think that the leader in all this is Donald Gump, a pathetic bald headed man, unable to lose his hair with dignity, never mind run a country with it. John Bolton must think he’s in heaven, he likes nothing more than killing Muslims.


The freaky looking warmonger really is as weird as he looks. He despises Iran and has a long history of promoting wars. Like almost all the other cowards that send other people to fight, they never actually experience the situation themselves. Just like Donald Gump’s dodgy foot and numerous college deferments, Bolton avoided wars that he is so fond of sending others to.

Here’s a short passage about him.

Though Bolton supported the Vietnam War, he declined to enter combat duty, instead enlisting in the National Guard and attending law school after his 1970 graduation. “I confess I had no desire to die in a Southeast Asian rice paddy,” Bolton wrote of his decision in the 25th reunion book. “I considered the war in Vietnam already lost.”

It is now clear that Gump only managed to sneak this pathetic man in through the back door to oversee more death and mayhem. We can only hope he becomes so excited that his main organs explode like the munitions he’s planning to drop on innocent civilians.

The latest information is that the OPCW has agreed to investigate the bogus claim of chemical weapons, whether this will stop the cranks Gump and May from authorising an attack, only time will tell.

If they can manage to access an uncompromised crime scene, maybe the victims could be DNA tested to find out any information about them. I’d be surprised it they didn’t contain Alawite DNA.


What is Jeremy Corbyn actually apologising for?

Why is the Labour Party being targeted?

Ever since Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader of the UK Labour Party, they have been accused of anti semitism. Why did these accusations about the party suddenly appear AFTER he became leader and not before? Was there an influx of bigots elected to the party with him? No, just Corbyn was elected, it wasn’t a General Election. So we can safely say that the structure wasn’t significantly changed by the leadership contest and no personnel were brought in that would convert the left leaning party into fascists.

Did Corbyn allow a fundamental change in Labour policy?

No. Basically, his leadership hasn’t inspired some sort of Nationalist, right wing  undercurrent that could turn the Labour movement into a racist or prejudiced party. Labour has historically had a left wing, socialist identity that was only undermined by Tony Blair. The shyster Blair tricked many of the electorate by allowing a ‘watered down Conservative Party manifesto’ to replace the long held principles of the traditional Labour Party. Whilst Blair was leader of Labour, the voters had a similar choice to the Americans – No choice at all.

Jeremy Corbyn’s promotion changed the party back towards its working class and social care roots. This, it would seem, is when the party suddenly accused of being anti semitic and reviled by the many Jewish groups calling for action to be taken to stop this seismic change  The question is, ‘what occurred that would alter the mindset of the Labour movement?’.

Nothing, the party didn’t change, just the leader.

Corbyn has been in the background of the Labour movement for over forty years. He has been anti war, against racism of any sort, promoting policies to help the less well off in our society and crucially, pro Palestinian. That doesn’t mean anti semitic, unless you use the recently manufactured description of it, created by Theresa May.

Jeremy Corbyn has never been accused of racism or holding prejudices against any other group. He has always campaigned for the rights of minorities and ethnic groups and never criticised any particular religion. He has also been fearless in his commitment to peaceful negotiation and has been criticised many times for having dialogue with widely described ‘extremists’. He preferred talking with the IRA than killing them and has been ostracised for discussions with Hamas and Hezbollah. This background is crucial to understanding the attacks on Corbyn.

The real objective is Corbyn, not the Labour Party.

Corbyn is no anti semite. His passion and commitment to the Palestinian equal rights struggle is the real reason the Jewish groups have attacked the Labour Party. Considering his neutrality in trying to negotiate a peaceful outcome to many disputes, the thought that he would suddenly become hateful to one group or another is laughable. Whether you agree with his political viewpoint or not, Corbyn never has been nor never will be anti semitic, it’s not in his nature.

Here is a list from the Labour Friends of Israel website. Only the MP’s highlighted in red can be regarded as supportive of Corbyn, the others are either neutral or hostile.

Joan Ryan
Ian Austin
Luciana Berger
Rt. Hon Nick Brown
Rt. Hon Liam Byrne
Vernon Coaker MP
Rosie Cooper MP
Yvette Cooper
Mary Creagh
Jon Cruddas
Wayne David MP
Gloria DePiero
Angela Eagle
Chris Evans
Jim Fitzpatrick
Rt. Hon Caroline Flint
Barry Gardiner
Mike Gapes
Preet Gill MP
Mary Glindon MP
Lilian Greenwood MP
Nia Griffith
Andrew Gwynne
Fabian Hamilton
Rt. Hon David Hanson
Carolyn Harris MP
Rt. Hon Margaret Hodge
Rt. Hon George Howarth
Rupa Huq MP 
Dan Jarvis
Diana Johnson
Helen Jones
Kevan Jones
Mike Kane
Liz Kendall
Peter Kyle
Rt. Hon David Lammy
Chris Leslie
Ivan Lewis
Ian Lucas MP
Chris Matheson
Steve McCabe
Catherine McKinnell
Conor McGinn
Melanie Onn
Lucy Powell
Toby Perkins
Jess Phillips
Bridget Phillipson
Tulip Siddiq
Virendra Sharma MP
Barry Sheerman
Ruth Smeeth
Angela Smith
Jeff Smith
Owen Smith
Wes Streeting
Graham Stringer
Anna Turley
Emily Thornberry MP
Karl Turner MP
Derek Twigg
Stephen Twigg
Chuka Umunna
Rt. Hon Keith Vaz
Tom Watson MP
Catherine West MP
Phil Wilson
Rt. Hon Rosie Winterton

So, out of 69 (that we know of) MP’s who are members of Labour Friends of Israel, only 13 can be described as Corbyn allies. The groups demanding action to rid the Labour Party of anti semitism are a consortium of fervent pro Israeli organisations and it is a political move to assassinate the character of Jeremy Corbyn. If the party removed Corbyn today, the allegations would cease… Unless of course, they elected another Palestinian equal rights campaigner.


The real reason for the campaign to remove the imaginary anti semitism is because Corbyn’s long held, consistent beliefs are very difficult to undermine. The party in general is much easier, especially when you have the likes of Joan Ryan and Ian Austin who have more interest in the citizens of Tel Aviv than their own constituents in Enfield and Dudley.

The Balfour abomination.

His Majesty’s government views with favor the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavors to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country. I should be grateful if you would bring this declaration to the knowledge of the Zionist Federation.

This is the declaration, written by Lord Balfour which commits the British government to the formation of a Jewish state. I’ve highlighted in blue the part of this statement which has been completely ignored in the intervening century since it was originally penned.

The impending centenary is seen as a cause for celebration according to the Prime Minister Theresa May, along with a good many of ‘our’ approving elected representatives. A source of pride, she claimed. I suggest if she really wants to know the truth, she should do some research. Whilst throwing taxpayers money at a commemoration to ‘the Holocaust’ in London, she should reflect on the forgotten victims of Jewish ethnic cleansing, hundreds of thousands of innocent Palestinians. There will be no museum or fancy designer monument for the victims of the Balfour Declaration.

Just as we are bombarded with stories of surviving Holocaust survivors, empathy for Palestinians terrorised enough to flee with whatever personal items they could carry is none existent. Not only did the British give away something ‘we’ didn’t own, our ‘glorious’ British Army stood by while the well armed Jewish militias were driving away the indigenous people who had already learned of the consequences of not escaping. We will never know how many were slaughtered by the marauding killers.

Surviving Palestinians still yearn to return to the homes they were so callously and forcibly evicted from. Many of their descendants are living as refugees in neighbouring countries. They are classed as stateless and subsequently have few rights.

… And this is where, after being complicit in the original crime, our politicians turn the other cheek and pretend that this crime is not ongoing. Unsurprisingly, the crime has become much more subtle now. The perpetual land grabs, by building walls and the daily demolition of peoples homes, progressively chips away at the shrinking area they could possibly call a state.

israel-palestine_map_19225_2469 (1)

The graphic above shows the extent to which Israeli Jews have systematically increased the theft of Palestinian land. What it doesn’t show is the water deprivation, the dozens of pointless checkpoints or the lack of electricity the Palestinians endure. The Israelis even smash solar panels used in the more remote areas, donated by the EU amongst others. These examples are the tip of the iceberg. Life is made a misery for the Palestinians, without doubt a deliberate Israeli government policy. The research for Theresa May I wrote about earlier need only go as far as finding a map like the one above. I suspect she knows all about the ongoing crimes of Netanyahu and his extremist colleagues but flagrantly disregards the inhuman treatment the belligerent IDF soldiers inflict on Palestinians.  Moreover, the vast majority of our politicians are in ‘friends of Israel’. Perhaps they should be a lot more careful about the company they keep.


Never mind the vigils…. Wake up!!

The minutes silence won’t change anything. Don’t stay silent, contact your political representative and demand answers to terrorist funding.

All these platitudes and messages of defiance will not change anything. Our government are supporting the very people that are twisting religious philosophy to support their own interpretation of it. My own local member of parliament either deliberately lied to me or actually believed that UK aid to Syrian opposition was ‘non lethal’. The White Helmets are murdering terrorists, yet we’ve been funding them, only for their acquaintances and allies to attack us. That’s surmising it’s not all a ruse to get May elected. Her reputation and election lead has nose dived, so I wouldn’t rule anything out.

Our foreign policy, shrouded in secrecy and concealing British involvement in making the lives of other people a misery, is the real problem. For instance, it should  be Syrian pro government supporters who attack us – for OUR support of terrorist elements. Theresa May demanding we should be ‘tougher’ is an absolute joke. She and her government are actively supporting terrorism inflicted on other people, without any concern for ordinary Syrians.

Another effect of our interference around the world is that it actually creates refugees. Do you think the likes of May is concerned about uncontrolled immigration? It isn’t a problem if the infrastructure is upgraded and the whole process is managed. It is a problem if it makes the lives of already struggling communities even more difficult. Pushing refugees (with a whole host of their own problems) on to an area already plagued with many social issues won’t help anyone. May’s promises about reducing immigration have been an utter failure. Her (almost) 20% (19,000) reduction of police officers in seven years will be regarded differently. That is unless you ever require their help. Then you’ll be asked to email them. Roads are becoming much more dangerous places because there are fewer patrol cars and people know they are less likely to be caught doing anything wrong. Speed cameras aside, the roads are largely lawless.

When Theresa May became Prime Minister, her successor as Home Secretary was the even more reprehensible Amber Rudd. Rudd’s family have been embroiled in unsavoury financial dealings. There are accusations of multiple bankruptcies and investors losing huge amounts of money in business dealings with Rudd’s father and brother. Not the sort of background you would expect of someone who would be controlling the nation’s Police force.

Corbyn has been as clean as a whistle during his long and largely low-key political career. One of the lines of attack from the Conservatives appears to be his reluctance to commit mass murder by firing a nuclear weapon. His efforts to resolve the Northern Ireland conflict has been attacked and he believes that dialogue, not bombs should be used to resolve conflict.

It’s just been announced that the people arrested after the recent London attack have all been released. It strikes me as clutching at straws to detain the acquaintances and family of a suspect. However, Theresa May believes the Police should be allowed to question them for weeks on end without being charged. Due process is critical to a truly democratic society and internment cannot be a part of that. The abhorrence known as Guantanamo springs to mind.

Theresa May insists on ever more internet control without a shred of evidence to connect terrorism with web use by extremists. It’s with ‘security’ approval that many terrorists have been almost encouraged to go and fight against Libyan and Syrian governments. For this there will be a price to pay. Only Jeremy Corbyn will stop this practice.

Vote Corbyn for a foreign policy that doesn’t encourage people to hate us.

Labour Party snakes in the grass.

The campaign amongst Corbyn’s own party Members of Parliament has disappeared – Is it because the Labour Party leader appears to be defying the critics with sound policies and a calm temperament?

The move to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn has receded, for the time being at least. I wouldn’t go as far as to predict he might win the UK General Election but he has put up a magnificent fight despite almost every national tv and newspaper relentlessly criticising him. This could be a turning point, not just for the people of the UK but also for the corrupt, warmongering media that has been instrumental in causing misery for many other countries during at least the last 25 years.

Their blatant lies, omissions and even promotion of attacks against countries that never wished us any harm is a war crime. The likes of Blair, Cameron, Brown and May should be tried at the ICC along with the cheerleading press. We shouldn’t underestimate the importance of the media in the illegal and immoral assaults on sovereign nations. We need to hold them to account for not (just) doing their job but actively supporting the criminal elite.

It’s not just an appalling lack of real journalism, it’s the uncritical headlines that have given the lying politicians their credibility amongst many who don’t have suspicious minds. Just because the majority of people have believed the coalition of smooth talking psychopathic liars and unrelenting propaganda doesn’t mean they are stupid. They have been duped by a well oiled tag team that has had the most gratuitous lust for violence on an unprecedented scale. There should be no hiding for the disgusting Murdoch family and all the other press hierarchy.

Even if Labour do not win the election, Corbyn’s performance has proven his effectiveness in fighting for the poorest in society. The Blairites won’t give up easily and if Corbyn’s popularity increases their chances of being re-elected, he shouldn’t expect any thanks. Many of them are Conservatives in Labour clothing and should not be trusted, regardless of the overall result. The likes of the despicable Ian Austin, Simon Danczuk, Hilary Benn amongst many others should be cast to the fringes, just as they have done to Corbyn for many years.

They are indeed snakes in the grass.