Labour Party snakes in the grass.

The campaign amongst Corbyn’s own party Members of Parliament has disappeared – Is it because the Labour Party leader appears to be defying the critics with sound policies and a calm temperament?

The move to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn has receded, for the time being at least. I wouldn’t go as far as to predict he might win the UK General Election but he has put up a magnificent fight despite almost every national tv and newspaper relentlessly criticising him. This could be a turning point, not just for the people of the UK but also for the corrupt, warmongering media that has been instrumental in causing misery for many other countries during at least the last 25 years.

Their blatant lies, omissions and even promotion of attacks against countries that never wished us any harm is a war crime. The likes of Blair, Cameron, Brown and May should be tried at the ICC along with the cheerleading press. We shouldn’t underestimate the importance of the media in the illegal and immoral assaults on sovereign nations. We need to hold them to account for not (just) doing their job but actively supporting the criminal elite.

It’s not just an appalling lack of real journalism, it’s the uncritical headlines that have given the lying politicians their credibility amongst many who don’t have suspicious minds. Just because the majority of people have believed the coalition of smooth talking psychopathic liars and unrelenting propaganda doesn’t mean they are stupid. They have been duped by a well oiled tag team that has had the most gratuitous lust for violence on an unprecedented scale. There should be no hiding for the disgusting Murdoch family and all the other press hierarchy.

Even if Labour do not win the election, Corbyn’s performance has proven his effectiveness in fighting for the poorest in society. The Blairites won’t give up easily and if Corbyn’s popularity increases their chances of being re-elected, he shouldn’t expect any thanks. Many of them are Conservatives in Labour clothing and should not be trusted, regardless of the overall result. The likes of the despicable Ian Austin, Simon Danczuk, Hilary Benn amongst many others should be cast to the fringes, just as they have done to Corbyn for many years.

They are indeed snakes in the grass.


Corbyn defies the critics.

The so called political experts that have recently been questioning Jeremy Corbyn should have been taught some manners when they were younger. Both Jeremy Paxman and Robert Peston couldn’t hide their dislike of Corbyn, however,  the issue shouldn’t be about who they like, it’s about doing a fair and professional job that informs the viewer. Every BBC interview has been openly aggressive and tried to link Corbyn to terrorism or insinuate that he is soft on terrorism.

First of all Corbyn is accused of being a friend of the IRA, when in actual fact he simply accepted the situation and acknowledged that dialogue had to be attempted, even with people you might consider reprehensible. Then he is portrayed as a coward who hasn’t got the nerve to fire a nuclear weapons device (as if the ability to kill millions of people was an attribute!)

Emma Barnett is the latest BBC presenter to claim victory over Corbyn. He couldn’t remember what a certain figure to cost a manifesto pledge was and she harangued him when he tried to find out on his personal device. If she really wanted to know, she need only look at the Labour Party manifesto.

Apparently, she has been in Skegness to interview the UKIP candidate for the region, Paul Nuttall but he has withdrawn. Barnetts sycophantic twitter followers are claiming he is running scared, completely ignoring the picture on her twitter feed of Theresa May that proves she is not going to treat every interviewee equally. The BBC are so arrogant they don’t even try to look impartial.

Meanwhile, the very same interviewers are giving the sputtering Theresa May an easy ride and not mentioning her catastrophic tenure as Home Secretary. After polls giving May a 20% lead over Corbyn, her campaign has gone into freefall. The confidence that the British public had in her has fallen away alarmingly. On the other hand, Corbyn seems to have endeared himself to the electorate with his calmness, especially in the face of such combative interviewing .

The media assault on Corbyn doesn’t appear to  have had the effect they had hoped. The public is slowly getting wise to the fact that tv and newspaper reports need to be questioned. Facebook appears to be vital in the search for truth. The speed in which users spread the word to their friends when they find out an inconvenient truth is scary for authorities.

Corbyns integrity cannot be questioned. His many years in Parliament stand testimony to his continual fight for human rights causes and he has been vehemently anti war.  His voting record is there for all to see.

Consistently voted against the Iraq war
0 votes for, 6 votes against, between 2002–2003
Generally voted for investigations into the Iraq war
10 votes for, 1 vote against, 4 absences, between 2003–2016
Generally voted against replacing Trident with a new nuclear weapons system
0 votes for, 4 votes against, 3 absences, between 2007–2016

Here are some of Theresa May’s voting habits:

Consistently voted for the Iraq war
5 votes for, 0 votes against, 1 absence, between 2002–2003

Almost always voted for replacing Trident with a new nuclear weapons system
6 votes for, 0 votes against, 1 absence, between 2007–2016

Generally voted for reducing housing benefit for social tenants deemed to have excess bedrooms (which Labour describe as the “bedroom tax”)
10 votes for, 0 votes against, 7 absences, between 2012–2014

Generally voted for a reduction in spending on welfare benefits
36 votes for, 0 votes against, 18 absences, between 2012–2016

Is this the fairness in society that Theresa May claims to represent? Ignoring a huge anti war protest in London, reducing welfare and punishing people with a spare bedroom or two? The kind of choice we have between May and Corbyn is something that voters have not had for decades. There is a real difference in policies. Corbyn will reduce military interference in other countries and will instead attempt conciliation using diplomacy. He will reduce the effects of austerity, the main victims being the poorest. He will try to stop companies avoiding their tax liabilities. He will increase the tax burden for the very wealthiest.

Corbyn: Respect International law.

Instead of a screeching, high pitched Theresa May, the quiet tones of Jeremy Corbyn reveal a more assured and realistic reflection of what the UK is capable of affecting in the world today. Gone is the pathetic crawling to the unpredictable lunatic in the White House, replaced by reiterated support for the US but not unconditional. When Trump finally reaches these shores, May, Johnson and many other sneering Conservatives will show what snivelling creeps they are. Pre Trump inauguration, they were so convinced he would lose that they openly mocked him. More recent statements have been embarrassingly subservient. The video of one of Corbyn’s speeches is here:

Corbyn is growing into the reluctant role he found himself in. I believe he only put his name forward to be the party leader because the other candidates were clones of Blair and that was the last thing the party needed. Anyhow, I know who I would rather lead this country and that’s despite virtually the whole mainstream media being against him. Considering the ridiculous biased coverage, Corbyn is actually doing an extremely good job.

Vote Conservative if you want to …

Get rid of the National Health Service for good.

The recent ransomware crisis revealed that 90% of the NHS trust computers are still on Windows XP.

This in itself is evidence of criminal underfunding or incompetent management, neither of which will be corrected. The usual rhetoric is ‘lessons will be learned’.

If you want to continue dropping bombs on people that don’t threaten us.

Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and currently Syria have succeeded in gaining only more enemies. Unsurprisingly, the warmongering stretches across the political divisions.

Wouldn’t the money spent on (possibly) illegal (but certainly) immoral conflicts above, been better spent on the NHS updating Microsoft products to protect against ransom ware that isn’t even a new concept?

If you want to bring back the horrific ‘sport’ of hunting.

A barbaric entertainment for the tiny minority cannot be justified on any grounds.

If you want to continue with the policy that harms only the poorest – austerity.

Services are being cut year on year, not by local councillors so much as a reduction of funds from Westminster. Yes, it’s the local officials that get all the criticism but they are only deciding which services are priorities.

If you want to ignore the wealthy corporations and individuals pilfering your hard earned pensions, like British Home Stores (Philip Green) did.

How many times do we hear ‘pension funds deficit’? To Philip Green and his family, it wasn’t a serious problem. They just sold BHS and all it’s liabilities (including the pension deficit) for one pound, to a sleazy, shady conman with a previous record of unscrupulous business behaviour. Problem sorted…… Unless you have worked for the BHS company for many years,  then you just had to take a serious hit on what your pension payment would have been. All perfectly legal ……..

If you want to continue funding the terrorist group known as the White Helmets (who have already received £32 million from British taxpayers).

This is the minimum amount. The Conflict, Stability and Security Fund set up by the British government in 2015 is less than helpful with information regarding the £1 billion it has at it’s disposal, hence my claim of ‘minimum’.

If you want to continue the same old tired policies that batter the working and middle class of this country.

By using loop-holes and imaginative accountants, the wealthiest people in the UK avoid paying their fair share of taxes.

There are many more policies that will never enhance the lives of you or I. The government is full of idiots like Boris Johnson but it’s not just about Conservative Members of Parliament. Many of the Labour MP’s are merely wolves in sheep’s clothing. All the rebels trying to remove Corbyn are ‘Blairites’. And we know where his policies got us – or rather got him and his family. Aside from the vast wealth he has accumulated with his reward from various Gulf countries and others, his offspring have managed to acquire nice little earners, not from their own talent, if they have any, but from their fathers cosy deals. The Blair Government actually behaved exactly like a ‘right’ leaning Conservative Government would have done.

I’m not condemning all Conservative politicians. Some are extremely good. Likewise with Liberal Democrats. Research your prospective MP and find out his or her voting habits. We don’t want warmongers that create violence abroad and then wonder why people might want to come here and avenge our unprovoked military actions on them. Our politicians need to be in touch with reality. With particular regards to Syria, they do not want our ‘help’ via intervention. They just want us to stop funding and arming the terrorists that are ripping their country apart. The Syrian Arab Army and their allies will do the rest.

Our reputation abroad is poor, to say the least. We need politicians that will stop interfering in other peoples affairs for personal or corporate profit. The likes of James Le Measurier, who created the bogus White Helmets should be arrested, not funded.

We have creative, innovative and ground breaking ideas that can improve the lives of those in difficult circumstances living in other countries and the UK too. We need to put more effort into these instead of thinking we are still a global military power clinging to the shirt tails of (currently) Donald Trump. How embarrassing.

So, despite my ‘headline’, we should think carefully where we put the ‘X’ on voting day. A huge majority for the Conservatives could mean death for innocent civilians that support Bashar al Assad, because like it or not, he is the choice of the majority of Syrians.

My own regional Conservative candidate, Matt Warman, will not be getting my vote. Ignorance is no defence or excuse for being complicit in British tax payers money going to the terrorist amateur dramatics society known as the White Helmets.

To Mr Warman, I would say ‘learn how to use Google, or even better duckduckgo’. It’s amazing what peculiar inconsistencies can be found out about the antics, associations and crimes of the White Helmets.

UK Election choice.

Boris Johnson confirms unquestioning support for US aggression.

Jeremy Corbyn would explore every diplomatic avenue.

At last we have a choice in a General Election. Boris Johnson’s declaration to support the US, who are threatening illegal attacks on a sovereign nation without any significant evidence, was an unusually honest statement from a politician. Theresa May was quick to back pedal on Johnson’s statement, claiming there are no plans to attack Syria.

Trump has gone from being a complete joke amongst UK politicians to being a ‘respected world statesman’. Before he became President, he was the subject of numerous derisory comments from UK media and politicians but opinions have suddenly changed. Basically, a failed attack on a Syrian airbase has done wonders for his reputation. In fact, just about all his manifesto promises have been left in tatters and this is the reason the media have suddenly found him to be ‘Our President’.

Corbyn has declared that any accusation of war crimes should go to the UN, which is the correct and legal way to solve any major dispute. The Conservatives are insisting we should believe a fraudulent journalist who is really a terrorist, a disgraced former doctor who was recently on terrorist charges or a group of ISIS affiliates masquerading as ‘first responders’.

Thanks to big mouth Boris at least we know what a vote for the Conservatives means – The same old illegal attacks on weaker countries that resists our efforts to inflict our kind of ‘democracy’ on them. In the case of Syria, it means removing a secular government that looks after the people of all religions for a bunch of murderous criminals that don’t even believe in democracy.


We are about to find out just how many people in the UK really are anti-war.