Why didn’t we hear UN calls for ceasefires when Israel attacked Gaza?

Terrorists need protection but the civilians in Gaza don’t?

The UN would be an incredible force for good, if it weren’t so corrupt. Only enemies of the US are censured, their friends can do as they please. The day to day crimes of Israel on the Palestinians is almost universally ignored. Compare this to the legitimate defence of his country by President Assad while he attempts to stop the daily rocket and missile attacks on Damascus from Ghouta.

Tuesday 20th Feb 2018

9 civilians killed and 49 injured by rockets fired from Ghouta.

Sat 3rd Feb 2018

3 killed and 8 injured by weapons fire from Ghouta.

3rd October 2017

17 killed and countless injured after suicide bomber originating from Ghouta attacked a Damascus police station.

I could continue doing a list all day with attacks on Damascus from Ghouta. What are they expected to do? Allow it to continue indefinitely? Israel flattened 18,000 homes in Gaza for attacks that didn’t kill one single Israeli.

There is another big difference. Terrorists in Eastern Ghouta have been supplied with extremely modern weapons. They have tanks, long range rockets and TOW missiles, the resistance in Gaza have none of these.

During the most recent attack on Gaza, when did the UN appeal for a cessation? Why does the UN react only when it is a legitimate government trying to rid their country of terrorists and yet Israel are given a free reign to slaughter as many Palestinians as they can?

I would welcome any answers to these questions.

Netanyahu compares ISIS to Hamas.

But then visits an ISIS operative being treated in an Israeli field hospital specifically for militants attacking the Syrian Army.


UK Election choice.

Boris Johnson confirms unquestioning support for US aggression.

Jeremy Corbyn would explore every diplomatic avenue.

At last we have a choice in a General Election. Boris Johnson’s declaration to support the US, who are threatening illegal attacks on a sovereign nation without any significant evidence, was an unusually honest statement from a politician. Theresa May was quick to back pedal on Johnson’s statement, claiming there are no plans to attack Syria.

Trump has gone from being a complete joke amongst UK politicians to being a ‘respected world statesman’. Before he became President, he was the subject of numerous derisory comments from UK media and politicians but opinions have suddenly changed. Basically, a failed attack on a Syrian airbase has done wonders for his reputation. In fact, just about all his manifesto promises have been left in tatters and this is the reason the media have suddenly found him to be ‘Our President’.

Corbyn has declared that any accusation of war crimes should go to the UN, which is the correct and legal way to solve any major dispute. The Conservatives are insisting we should believe a fraudulent journalist who is really a terrorist, a disgraced former doctor who was recently on terrorist charges or a group of ISIS affiliates masquerading as ‘first responders’.

Thanks to big mouth Boris at least we know what a vote for the Conservatives means – The same old illegal attacks on weaker countries that resists our efforts to inflict our kind of ‘democracy’ on them. In the case of Syria, it means removing a secular government that looks after the people of all religions for a bunch of murderous criminals that don’t even believe in democracy.


We are about to find out just how many people in the UK really are anti-war.

Rima Khalaf and the Israeli enforcers.

Criticize Israel at your peril. It doesn’t matter what organisation you are in, nor how secure you think you may be, if you ever state the obvious – that Israel is an apartheid state, if you are lucky, you might be pensioned off. Grovelling apologies rarely work. You’ll definitely be removed and then, depending on how critical you have been, there may be further punishment. Rima Khalaf has unfortunately just found this out, even though I think she only signed off on the report, not written it herself. One of the writers involved is Richard Falk, a long term critic of Israel who has resisted many attempts to censure him.

Part of the report regarding ESCWA, published by Global Research:

‘The head of the United Nation’s West Asia commission resigned on Friday, after what she described as pressure from the secretary-general to withdraw a report accusing Israel of imposing an “apartheid regime” on Palestinians.

The Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA), which comprises 18 Arab states, published the report on Wednesday, saying it was the first time a UN body had clearly made the charge.

Click here to read the statement of Khalaf posted on ESCWA’s social media.

However two days later, Rima Khalaf, UN under-secretary-general and ESCWA executive secretary, announced her resignation at a news conference in Beirut.

“I stand by my assessment in the report, that Israel is committing the crime of apartheid,” she said at the conference.

“I find myself unable to accept the pressure placed on me over the last period of time.

“The secretary-general demanded yesterday that I withdraw the report, and I refused,” she said, adding: “I believe that discrimination on the basis of skin colour, religion or ethnicity is unacceptable.”

Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Thursday asked for the report to be removed from the UN website.’

Just like the Goldstone Report, this ESCWA statement merely points out the painful truth. Israel has Jew only roads, a different justice system, extreme restrictions placed on the Palestinians, purely because they aren’t Jewish. From the ESCWA report:

‘The roughly 4.6 million Palestinians who live in the occupied Palestinian territory (2.7 million in the West Bank and 1.9 million in the Gaza Strip) are governed not by Israeli civil law, but by military law, codified as orders issued by the commander of the territories and administered by the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) and other designated arms of the occupying power.’

There is no reasonable justice system for the Palestinians.

Leading ANC figures have expressed the view that apartheid conditions for Palestinians are much worse than what was suffered in South Africa, during the most brutal years.

Claims that Israel is a democracy can quickly be put to rest by watching a contentious issue being debated in the Knesset. Arab politicians have to frequently suffer the most vile accusations and abuse, purely for supporting the people that voted for them. The Arab members have very little input into the decision making, although they do argue their case admirably. A particular mention must go to Haneen Zoabi, the first Arab woman to be elected to Israel’s parliament on an Arab party’s list. Despite all sorts of despicable threats, she will not be silenced.

Glenn Greenwald claims that the decision to pressurise Rima Khalaf into resigning is a Trump driven policy. I doubt any US leader in recent history would have behaved any differently.

During his election campaign, Trump used the slogan ‘America First’. It should have read ‘America First, after Israel’.

The last word is from the report itself and is perfectly clear.

‘The solution therefore lies in implementing international law, applying the principles of non-discrimination, upholding the right of peoples to self-determination and achieving justice.’

The UN have indeed removed the report from its website.

Are we really so gullible……..

Intense news coverage is being used to try to gain public approval for both the US and UK to attack the Syrian Arab Army AND that will mean attacking Russia too. The unrelenting images of people being pulled from buildings covered in dust are not a real reflection of the situation and it is in both Russia and Syria’s interest not to harm civilians. The same cannot be said for the terrorists. They continually bombard government held Aleppo and on a daily basis routinely kill civilians. Five children were killed whilst at school only yesterday. Reports of these murders are withheld from the news reports received in the West and only images purporting to be from inside rebel areas are transmitted. Every news bulletin is based on a pack of lies or from the terrorists themselves. Have we forgotten what happens to Western journalists when the terrorists find them? James Foley and Steven Sotloff’s families haven’t.

This is the fate of journalists caught by terrorists in Syria. Journalists Foley and Sotloff.

If this is what happens to journalists, how are the news media getting precise reports from inside terrorist held areas? The only exception would be Bilal Abdul Kareem, the American journalist who is a known sympathiser for the extremists.


Here is Mr Bilal, reporting from inside rebel held Aleppo.

The buildings behind Mr Bilal look intact. Perhaps a little bit shabby but certainly not half destroyed.


…. And these don’t look like they have been targeted by the Russian or Syrian air force either.


…. Nor these. I agree, not the most luxurious looking apartments but I can’t see no missile damage.

If we take a look at a government held part of Aleppo now.


Government held area of Aleppo, not something you will see on the BBC.

So if I can produce evidence of terrorists deliberately targeting pro Assad territory, why can’t the so called journalists? I have not had any training as a journalist, (which is probably obvious) yet I know that I could go and visit any government controlled area and get these photographs myself, providing I was brave enough to go to Syria.

By being deceived from media propaganda ‘we’ve’ already destroyed Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and a good proportion of historic Syria. A good dose of scepticism is required when you see the dusty children being pulled from the rubble. If the White Helmets are involved even more so. Governments clearly don’t need public approval, as Iraq confirmed but they are more emboldened by it.

(in £millions)

Iraq war: £8,164.2

Afghanistan war £21,315.7

Libyan bombing:  £350.0

These are official government figures, so they might be double these amounts. The number of people killed in these unnecessary conflicts is impossible to calculate. Half a million Iraqi children died purely because we wouldn’t allow them to buy vital medication from the West. The same sanctions have been inflicted on Syria.

Hands off Syria!

The amazing good fortune of the White Helmets.

It’s been claimed there are 1200 White Helmet ‘support staff’  in the rebel held areas of Syria. For an organisation that claims to be neutral, this is a very odd statistic. Surely there is a need for rescue experts in pro-government areas too? Hundreds of civilians in residential areas under Assad control have been murdered by Al Nusra and other rebel groups and not once have the heroes in White Helmets come to their rescue.

Yesterdays attack on a UN convoy doesn’t need much investigation. The people under siege in Aleppo already said they didn’t want it. Russian and Syrian aircraft (unlike the US, Australian, UK and Danish military jets) do not have a reputation for screwing up with regards their targeting and experts have implied it wasn’t an airstrike anyhow.

Confirmation of ‘rebel’ involvement came from the video issued by the White Helmets. These Syrian traitors are suspiciously on-site with their cameras ready and always attempt to blame Assad without exception. Vanessa Beeley has researched these con men and the groups origins.


Starving extremists refuse UN aid.

These starving Aleppo residents don’t appear to look so bad. Those flags look very much like ISIS ones to me, I thought these were moderates?

Not many women amongst these protesters and I suspect that many of the males have left their fashion accessories at home (AK 47’s and similar). I’ve nothing more to add really, the video says it all.