Time to start digging nuclear bunkers?

The American claim that Syrian forces were getting ‘too close to their partners’ is a pathetic reason for them to continue the obvious lust for Syrian blood. We should all be thankful for a very patient Russian Government. If the US are not transgressing on Syrian soil, where was the danger? The US and British have admitted they are training forces to confront Assad but have claimed it is inside Jordan, have they in effect already invaded Syria? Furthermore, are the Syrians and Russians not partners? So the US has just done a lot more than threaten Russian allies and to do so they had to illegally fly over Syrian airspace to do it.

The US military action appears to violently warn the Syrian Government from venturing too close to it’s own borders and at the same time dismiss Russian alliances with Syria as irrelevant.

This kind of arrogance is breathtaking. The message to Russia is loud and clear. The big question is: Will Russia back down to US perceived primacy? The people driving US policy in Syria, McCain, Graham and co, clearly think Russia will. Reports from Al Tanf, the place were the coalition are training the rebels, indicate that Syrian Arab Army and its allies are now being covered from the air by both Russian and Syrian fighter jets. Also, ground to air missiles are being moved to the area for more security against US attacks.

John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Joe Lieberman are leading advocates for attacking Syria, even though it would mean confronting Russia militarily. McCain takes after his father when it comes to his treacherous behaviour. McCain Senior was instrumental in the USS Liberty cover up, which wrongly concluded that an Israeli attack on Liberty was a mistake. McCain Junior has continued to support this lie, even though all the evidence points to Israel deliberately attempting to sink the vessel. McCain has been accused of being central to a disaster on the USS Forrestal too, where 134 US servicemen lost their lives. McCain and his warmongering pals have only one priority – Israel.

So why would we in the UK have to dig bunkers for what happens in Syria? Well, conflict could escalate very quickly and Russia knows we are a lapdog to the Americans so any European ally of the US would be targeted, to eliminate the closest threats first.

This isn’t the first provocation by the US toward Russia and it seems Putin is very shrewd and deliberate with his apparent lack of response. Maybe McCain and his cronies believe that it’s a sign of weakness. I don’t.

As I type this article, reports of Syrian forces being 15kms from Al Tanf and currently giving the American partners chance to retreat from Syrian territory.  I hope it’s accurate.

At least we can forget about the bunker….. For now.


John McCain visits Syria illegally, again.

During 2011, US Senator John McCain visited Syria without getting permission from the authorities and now, just recently, McCain has again illegally trespassed on Syrian soil. His most recent visit was reported to be to an opportunity to meet  US military personnel, I assume as some sort of charm offensive in his ongoing battle with President Trump. Not only was his visit illegal, the people he visited this time are also there without Syrian agreement.

Persistent allegations concerning McCains history should prohibit him from being taken seriously. Rumours of collaboration during his 5 and a half years of incarceration whilst he was a prisoner of war, won’t go away. Also an incident when he was a pilot based on a US naval vessel called USS Forrestal, when 134 servicemen died and he was alleged to have been responsible, still persist.

McCains father was a Navy Admiral and after the USS Liberty attack by Israel, it’s alleged McCain senior whitewashed the investigation.

The McCain clan are pure poison. A wealthy family that cling on to their power structure by bullying people and acting illegally.

Al Bab: The fantasy of a Turkey/FSA victory.

Since Erdogan decimated the Turk army because of his paranoia and lack of confidence, they are not the force they once were. It’s still a huge, well equipped army and despite the loss of  critical high ranking officers they are still very capable. However the stories that they have taken the strategic town after 104 days fighting ISIS are stretching reality. The truth is they couldn’t beat an egg and certainly not ISIS. The terrorist group have inexplicably conceded and left the town.

These two stories are connected. McCain could have asked his ISIS terrorist friends to leave Al Bab to the Turkish invaders, so that they can cause mayhem somewhere else in Syria. This is all related to his quest for Syria to be destroyed and pleasing his Israeli masters. Just like his father before him, he doesn’t work for US interests at all.