Another false alarm ‘terrorist’ attack spooks the twitchy Brits.

A smashed window in Oxford Street, London creates a stampede.

The British pride themselves on the ‘stiff upper lip’ mentality but despite the government telling the terrorists they won’t change our behaviour with their terror tactics, the reality is very different. It appears that anything akin to a bursting balloon has the Brits in a stampede in no time. The fear factor is palpable in British cities but as long as ‘we’ ignore the interference our government is pursuing in the Middle East (in particular), the threat will maintain its grip. The government are allowed to continue policies that antagonise others abroad and there is always someone willing to try to get revenge. That discounts the plots that are encouraged and funded by our security services. If they can’t catch a cold, they are forced to set up some fools to be their patsies. It doesn’t happen? Yes it does. The stories of intelligence criminality is already seeping out from the murders and bombings that were committed in Ireland by British security services.

ISIS can’t blame the UK foreign policy as the reason they are likely to attack us because British foreign policy is the same as theirs. Protect Israel. The only reason the government voted against the US recently at the UN was because the loudmouth duo of  Trump and Haley gave them no choice after issuing such outrageous threats. Why haven’t any of the think tanks, funded by all sorts if shady characters, revealed that ISIS have not and do not attack Israel? Have we no journalists that can see that these apparent deadly enemies are cosying up to each other in an attempt to fragment Syria, weaken Hezbollah and ultimately do the same for Iranian influence?

Yes , we do  but if they want to maintain their lifestyle, they have to ignore the elephant in the room. If by any chance they did try to reveal some unfortunate truths, it wouldn’t get past the editor.

‘We’ keep these newspapers in business through buying their shitty rags. We rarely protest our government’s policies, either home or abroad. By our silence, we are actually giving our tacit approval. The media supports the terrorists abroad but scream blue murder when terrorism visits us here. Whether it is real or not.

Remember the media claiming Russian and Syrian jets had destroyed Aleppo?

The British government have been openly financing the White Helmets. In the video below, they have what looks like a brand new JCB. Did British taxpayers supply it?

Another even more astonishing fact is that the very people we support and fund are the most likely to come and blow up our train stations or concert halls. It isn’t supporters of Assad that are likely to create a stampede in Central London, it’s the associates of the White Helmets.

Fortunately, internet shopping can remove the need for putting ourselves in harm’s way. From the safety of our homes, we can buy anything we want. Even when we are sat smugly in our armchairs, safely away from the danger of loud banging noises, we can still insist that these bloody terrorists will never change us. But they have.

We are fearful of our own shadow and a packet of balloons could cause chaos in our high streets. We aren’t scared but we’ll shop online – Just in case.


The brass neck of charity organisations.

Charity pleads to keep Syrian children warm.

A charity TV appeal for Syrian children has just been aired, probably for the thousandth time but it’s the first time I’ve seen it. It beggars belief that the people organising this particular appeal are unaware of the UK government’s attempt to destabilise Syria over a ten year period. It’s difficult to imagine they don’t know about the millions of pounds given to the White Helmets, a thoroughly corrupt organisation that was probably manufactured by a British government agent.  Based in Turkey, a strong critic of Assad, the White Helmets was the idea of a former mercenary and British officer who decided in a change of direction from war maker to aid worker. As unbelievable as this sounds, it’s no more of a miracle than the ability of Al Nusra henchmen changing into White Helmets at will.

The truth is stranger than fiction and the White Helmet story stretches the theory to its limits. Murderous terrorists pretending to be emergency services saving the innocent victims from the bombs of Assad and Russian aircraft. The civilians living in the vicinity of the White Helmets insist that it was the Al Nusra terrorists who were the priority whenever an attack occurred. Even basic medical first aid was refused for the civilian inhabitants.

Aside from the hypocrisy of these charity organisations, an even more worrying trend has emerged over the years. The executives running these charities have become political appointments and are as financially rewarded as their counterparts in corporations. Tactics to raise money are more aggressive and and encourage charitable people to give repeat automatic monthly payments. They also pass on your details to other charities and before you know it, you are being hounded to donate to multiple causes.

The charity industry has become as mendacious as big business. The appeals for the Syrian victims of West inspired violence are a prime example of the cynical government licensed charities.

I refuse to give anything to these charlatans.

Andrew Mitchell’s defence of the head-choppers.

‘The White Helmets very nearly won a Nobel peace prize’, emphasized Mitchell.

If this is the standard of British politicians, it doesn’t bode well. Andrew Mitchell interviewed on RT exposes the lack of intelligence amongst those elected to look after our interests and fails to convince with regard to the White Helmets.

Unconvincing Mitchell.

In the short clip, Mitchell claimed ‘incredibly brave men and women’, referring to White Helmet employees. However, the women with connections to the WH can only be involved in administration duties, as they are clearly not allowed to go on rescue missions. Why is that?

Saudi extremism permits a woman to drive, unfortunately, this doesn’t give them independence because they still need a ‘chaperone’ to leave their homes. Based on religious etiquette and funded via Saudi Arabia, I believe this is the reason that no women have ever been filmed attending rescue missions. Similarly, very few women, even victims, are ever shown in the WH propaganda.

So Mitchell’s ‘brave men and women’ is a provable lie. He is unable to get the basic details right. Furthermore, his claims that the UK has given more humanitarian aid than all the other European countries combined is pure fantasy. Numerous freedom of information requests have failed to muster any details from officials and like any good financial fraud, the money trail is a complex labyrinth.

The UK Conflict Stability and Security Fund is used to conceal the destination of the financing. The fund is alleged to be a ‘war chest’ of a billion UK pounds but it seems this is petty cash to the government and they don’t feel it should be accounted for. I wrote a letter to my local Member of Parliament and questioned the integrity of the White Helmets but was effectively palmed off.

Mayday Rescue, the organisation that finances the WH appears to be the go-between that facilitates the funding and insists it is a not for profit organisation. Recent revelations over the wages paid to Charity Executives indicates that remuneration has replaced corruption.



Vote Conservative if you want to …

Get rid of the National Health Service for good.

The recent ransomware crisis revealed that 90% of the NHS trust computers are still on Windows XP.

This in itself is evidence of criminal underfunding or incompetent management, neither of which will be corrected. The usual rhetoric is ‘lessons will be learned’.

If you want to continue dropping bombs on people that don’t threaten us.

Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and currently Syria have succeeded in gaining only more enemies. Unsurprisingly, the warmongering stretches across the political divisions.

Wouldn’t the money spent on (possibly) illegal (but certainly) immoral conflicts above, been better spent on the NHS updating Microsoft products to protect against ransom ware that isn’t even a new concept?

If you want to bring back the horrific ‘sport’ of hunting.

A barbaric entertainment for the tiny minority cannot be justified on any grounds.

If you want to continue with the policy that harms only the poorest – austerity.

Services are being cut year on year, not by local councillors so much as a reduction of funds from Westminster. Yes, it’s the local officials that get all the criticism but they are only deciding which services are priorities.

If you want to ignore the wealthy corporations and individuals pilfering your hard earned pensions, like British Home Stores (Philip Green) did.

How many times do we hear ‘pension funds deficit’? To Philip Green and his family, it wasn’t a serious problem. They just sold BHS and all it’s liabilities (including the pension deficit) for one pound, to a sleazy, shady conman with a previous record of unscrupulous business behaviour. Problem sorted…… Unless you have worked for the BHS company for many years,  then you just had to take a serious hit on what your pension payment would have been. All perfectly legal ……..

If you want to continue funding the terrorist group known as the White Helmets (who have already received £32 million from British taxpayers).

This is the minimum amount. The Conflict, Stability and Security Fund set up by the British government in 2015 is less than helpful with information regarding the £1 billion it has at it’s disposal, hence my claim of ‘minimum’.

If you want to continue the same old tired policies that batter the working and middle class of this country.

By using loop-holes and imaginative accountants, the wealthiest people in the UK avoid paying their fair share of taxes.

There are many more policies that will never enhance the lives of you or I. The government is full of idiots like Boris Johnson but it’s not just about Conservative Members of Parliament. Many of the Labour MP’s are merely wolves in sheep’s clothing. All the rebels trying to remove Corbyn are ‘Blairites’. And we know where his policies got us – or rather got him and his family. Aside from the vast wealth he has accumulated with his reward from various Gulf countries and others, his offspring have managed to acquire nice little earners, not from their own talent, if they have any, but from their fathers cosy deals. The Blair Government actually behaved exactly like a ‘right’ leaning Conservative Government would have done.

I’m not condemning all Conservative politicians. Some are extremely good. Likewise with Liberal Democrats. Research your prospective MP and find out his or her voting habits. We don’t want warmongers that create violence abroad and then wonder why people might want to come here and avenge our unprovoked military actions on them. Our politicians need to be in touch with reality. With particular regards to Syria, they do not want our ‘help’ via intervention. They just want us to stop funding and arming the terrorists that are ripping their country apart. The Syrian Arab Army and their allies will do the rest.

Our reputation abroad is poor, to say the least. We need politicians that will stop interfering in other peoples affairs for personal or corporate profit. The likes of James Le Measurier, who created the bogus White Helmets should be arrested, not funded.

We have creative, innovative and ground breaking ideas that can improve the lives of those in difficult circumstances living in other countries and the UK too. We need to put more effort into these instead of thinking we are still a global military power clinging to the shirt tails of (currently) Donald Trump. How embarrassing.

So, despite my ‘headline’, we should think carefully where we put the ‘X’ on voting day. A huge majority for the Conservatives could mean death for innocent civilians that support Bashar al Assad, because like it or not, he is the choice of the majority of Syrians.

My own regional Conservative candidate, Matt Warman, will not be getting my vote. Ignorance is no defence or excuse for being complicit in British tax payers money going to the terrorist amateur dramatics society known as the White Helmets.

To Mr Warman, I would say ‘learn how to use Google, or even better duckduckgo’. It’s amazing what peculiar inconsistencies can be found out about the antics, associations and crimes of the White Helmets.

HRW report on Syrian chemical weapons: Speculation and conjecture.

Human Rights Watch lose any remaining credibility with unsubstantiated claims of Syrian crimes.

The HRW report begins with:

‘(New York) – New evidence supports the conclusion that Syrian government forces have used nerve agents on at least four occasions in recent months: on April 4, 2017, in a chemical attack on Khan Sheikhoun that killed at least 92 people, and on three other occasions in December 2016 and March 2017, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today.’

‘These attacks are part of a broader pattern of Syrian government forces’ use of chemical weapons. The attacks are widespread and systematic and in some cases have been directed against the civilian population.’

Shocking stuff and if you would like to read the full report go here.

‘In at least some of the attacks, the intention appears to have been to inflict severe suffering on the civilian population.’

‘Human Rights Watch interviewed 60 people with first-hand knowledge of the chemical attacks and their immediate aftermath, and reviewed dozens of photos and videos of impact sites and victims that were posted online and provided directly by local residents, but was unable to conduct ground investigations of the attack sites.’

Well, I’ve read quite a bit of this report now and I still don’t know what this new evidence is. Sixty people interviewed by HRW with first hand knowledge of the attacks ….but was unable to conduct ground investigations.

HRW have spoken to local residents, the report says. I would like to know the name and occupation of these witnesses to verify their credibility. I would also like a full list of the victims, along with their age and place of residence.

Certain chemical weapons can kill in a minute or two. An attack that was carried out so early in the morning would be expected to affect most people in their homes. Why are the victims being treated in what looks like an old quarry? Women would be expected to be a higher percentage of the victims if the region functions as many other societies, where the man of the house may have left to go to work. However, there was only one female victim in the clips of the aftermath and no one appeared to try and help her.

If the White Helmet ‘first responders’ were adherents to the more strict Islamic teachings, it would be forbidden for them to actually touch a female victim. Although it would seem that in an emergency, it is allowed. If, as many people believe, the White Helmet scenario’s are in fact pure drama then ‘helping a woman’ wouldn’t actually be an emergency, so it would be forbidden. How many women have been pulled from the rubble by White Helmet first responders?

I’ll take a bit of a guess and say ‘zero women’ have been rescued. Plenty of children, plenty of dusty men, but no women. This fact above anything else convinces me that the ‘rescues’ are all recorded drama.

Back to the HWR report. I noticed there were four times the term ‘consistent with’ were used. There are four ‘appears to’ and three ‘appear’. For such a short report, the element of doubt is apparent.

‘An opposition-affiliated activist and local residents provided the names of 64 people who died from chemical exposure in the December attacks.’

Surely, they have registers of newly born, deaths, marriages and such?

To summarise, the Human Rights Watch report is re-hashed accusations, full of claims by anti Assad activists and NO on site investigation. Kenneth Roth needs to get some writers in to provide new ideas and impetus for his increasingly unbelievable fairy tales.

What happened to the anti-Trump protests?

Surely Trump is not so stupid………..That he believes the White Helmet fairytale of Khan Sheikhoun?

If he does, it really is an updated version of the ’emperors new clothes’. Almost anyone with any knowledge about Syria in general and specifically the White Helmets, knows they are a complete fraud and that most of them have been identified as members of Al Nusra or a similar terrorist groups. If that isn’t enough, the doctor at the forefront of the media’s attention during the alleged chemical weapons attack is actually a former doctor who was struck off the British Medical Register. The hearing was held in private and no reason was given for him being struck off.

Not surprisingly, the BBC and its co-conspirators didn’t inform the viewers that Shajul had been accused of kidnapping and threatening to kill the captured victims. A most basic search will reveal his murky past and would also inform the reader that he wasn’t a man who could be trusted and that he was a suspected terrorist. If this was the ‘acceptable face’ of the rebels, they are in deep trouble. Is it too much trouble for BBC journalists to perform a search in Google? It would seem so.

Trump has silenced many of his critics.

Gone are the numerous campaigns to have him impeached and the constant bad publicity from, not just US media but the worlds media.. What has created this massive swing in his fortunes? The negative publicity has (just like his hair) receded since April 6th. Coincidentally, (or not) that was the day he fired 59 cruise missiles at Syria. This tells us that it is the US military complex that determines whether he has an easy ride of his presidency or not. There can be no other reason. All the anti Trump criticism has suddenly disappeared from the front pages and from the headlines of the major TV news outlets.

It looks like Trump was being vilified not because he has such a low regard for women but that he was being too friendly with nations instead of aggressive. As soon as the aggression started, the negative headlines stopped. Another thing I’ve noticed is that Trump has no charisma or charm. He has a very limited vocabulary, repeating the same phrase, seemingly because he isn’t bright enough to think of anything better to say and it beggars belief how he ever became so wealthy. His hair provides an insight into his vanity. I think he is bald but the ridiculous, elaborately woven rug sat on his head doesn’t do him any favours. He just looks a prick, even though no one will tell him. It’s hardly surprising they won’t, given his recent killing spree’s. He’s a psychopath.