The great Charity deception.

Why is it that charity CEO's expect volunteer workers to contribute their own time and energy for free, yet demand premium salaries? A cursory look at the kind of figures the CEO is likely to receive at a high profile charity is mind boggling, yet they expect people to give up their spare time or … Continue reading The great Charity deception.


Lana Del Rey and the Israeli PR disaster.

BBC and Sky news claim the star has 'postponed' her appearance at a festival in Israel. The announcement by Lana Del Rey has been met with a muted response from many of the mainstream media outlets and the ones that have mentioned it claim the cancelation is a postponement. It isn't, it's cancelled. This is … Continue reading Lana Del Rey and the Israeli PR disaster.

Israel: Smoke and mirrors, Zionist style.

Israeli claims are always accepted without question. Statements by the Israeli government, whenever they 'respond' to allegations of rockets fired into the country, are accepted by presenters and interviewers, without exception. A long history of deception fails to provoke a more skeptic approach from journalists and the likes of Mark Regev are able to accuse … Continue reading Israel: Smoke and mirrors, Zionist style.

What is it like being a long term refugee?

A moving documentary describing the restrictions of being a refugee and the insecurity and hopelessness of not being a Lebanese citizen. Pietro Stefanini's emotional journey into the lives of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. Seven days in Beirut. The Palestinian refugees in Lebanon strive to become educated but cannot find employment after they do qualify. … Continue reading What is it like being a long term refugee?


A fly on the wall documentary portraying different perceptions and the reality of anti Semitism. In the current climate of anti Semitism allegations surrounding Jeremy Corbyn this fascinating production puts it all in perspective. However, don't be deterred from watching it because of the sombre subject matter. Yoav Shamir does a brilliant job and … Continue reading Defamation.

It’s coming home ….. No, not football, the terrorist White Helmets.

Panic stricken terrorist financiers fear losing their investment. This embarrassing saga goes from bad to worse. By insisting the White Helmets are the unjustly smeared victims of fake news and propaganda, the UK government are insulting our intelligence. Most of the damning evidence comes from the White Helmets own social media accounts. No one needs … Continue reading It’s coming home ….. No, not football, the terrorist White Helmets.