Gilad Atzmon.


The Campaign Against Antisemitism could financially ruin Gilad Atzmon, if he loses.

Gilad Atzmon has decided to fight a libel case brought by Gideon Falter, who is the chairman of the Campaign Against Antisemitism. Falter has apparently took offence about something Gilad wrote on his blog. It would seem that litigation is the new weapon for those defending the atrocities of the Israeli state.

Here is a letter written to the Guardian in 2015.

Some 77% of British Jews say that they have witnessed antisemitism disguised as a political comment about Israel. As if to prove the point, Friday’s letters page was a neatly arranged showcase of claims that our organisation is secretly an Israeli front and our polling on antisemitism was “flawed” or even concocted specially to “dovetail” with the policies of the Israeli government. Ours was not the only polling to lay bare the rising tide of antisemitism. Polling aside, 2014 was the worst year on record for antisemitic incidents. Why can some of your readers not accept the facts for what they are and address the very real problem of antisemitism, rather than supposing in spite of the evidence that it is a fiction, or that it does exist but would cease to if Jews supported Israel less? Jewish concerns must not be silenced by conspiracy theorists railing about Israel.
Gideon Falter
Chairman, Campaign Against Antisemitism

‘antisemitism disguised as a political comment about Israel’, said Mr Falter.

So this means that any criticism of Israel can be perceived as antisemitism?

showcase of claims that our organisation is secretly an Israeli front’

Attempts by the CAA to censor critics of Israel and supporters of BDS would suggest that there is a justifiable suspicion that the CAA are indeed closely connected to the campaign (that Israel have admitted to) attempting to contain the BDS effects.

Jewish concerns must not be silenced by conspiracy theorists railing about Israel.

Ah, the old ‘conspiracy theorists’ smear.

The claim of instances of antisemitism becoming more prevalent is what gets the CAA increased funds but then again, that might be regarded as a conspiracy theory. What isn’t a conspiracy theory is this. Kaydar/Kadar, unlike Ahed Tamimi, has been released on bail for his alleged antisemitic crimes that terrorised thousands of innocent victims around the world, many of them Jewish. I hope Mr Falter will be campaigning for tough sentence for this common criminal that is being treated so well by the Israeli justice system.

Quite frankly, the claims by Falter and his group include antisemitic crimes such as childish name calling, graffiti and threatening behaviour. Sadly the type of anti social behaviour many of us have to endure on a visit to the corner shop, for instance.

The CAA are also alleged to have exerted pressure on live venue owners who have hosted Gilad Atzmon, amongst others. This doesn’t appear to be a fight against antisemitism, more like an attempt to stop free speech.

Just as concerning is the fact that this clearly political group have Charitable status. What on earth is charitable about trying to silence the critics of an Israeli government that ignores international calls for justice for the Palestinians and has made Gaza in to an open air prison? How can an organisation be granted charity status under such circumstances? To conflate trying to protect Palestinian lives with antisemitism, it is Falter who is the wild conspiracy theorist.



Free Ahed Tamimi.

I contacted my parliamentary representative to ask him to try to pressure Israel into releasing her.

It could be argued that I was wasting my time but here is the response to that particular aspect of my enquiry.

With regards to the case of Ahed Tamini, I do appreciate your concerns and I know that the British Government has made representations to the Israeli Government about it. More generally, you may be aware that in 2012, an independent report on Children in Military Custody was funded and facilitated by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Since its publication, Ministers and our Ambassador to Israel have strongly urged the recommendations of the report to be implemented. FCO Minister of State, Alistair Burt MP, raised the issue of children in detention with Israeli authorities when he visited the region in August.

Thank you again for contacting me.

Best wishes,

I was going to write back and tell him we could use our trade concessions with Israel as leverage for them to uphold International law. The trade surplus is to their benefit, but restrictions on them selling to us would be a crippling blow considering the size of the relevant economies.

I’ve been trying to discover what favours the EU does for Israel but it’s difficult for me to understand.

Boycott Divest and Sanction.

I did discover that the BDS is having little effect on Israel trade with the UK. In fact it is still going up year on year and if I understood correctly, a large portion of the trade is Pharmaceuticals.

  • Dexcel Pharma. …
  • Fischer Pharmaceuticals. …
  • Mediline Ltd. …
  • Rafa Laboratories Ltd. …
  • Rekah Group. …
  • Taro Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. …
  • Trima Ltd. …
  • Vitamed Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

Dexcel alone offer a huge list of drugs.

Fischer Pharmaceuticals appear to be in to the anti aging market. We all know what a scam that is.

Mediline produce a range of items described here.

Rafa Laboratories work closely with a whole host of companies listed here.

Rekah Group produce pharmaceutical, cosmetic and vitamin products.

Taro pharmaceuticals produce Warfarin and have been warned for poor practices in their Canadian facility by the Food and Drug Administration.

Trima are described as medical suppliers.

Vitamed is engaged in the manufacture of prescription drugs, OTC drugs, dermatological preparations, dermo-cosmetics, vitamins and nutritional supplements. Vitamed is also in the Rekah group.

The irony is not lost on the fact that their close neighbours in Gaza do not get the benefit of these products.

There is only one thing I can add to this disappointing information and that is, wherever possible use natural and herbal remedy sourced in anywhere but Israel.


Roger Waters.

A superb interview with the incredible Palestinian activist Roger Waters.

A video with Roger Waters and other Palestinian activists shows  Waters at his defiant best and feels more like an armchair discussion with the fearless musician than a public interview. This audience with Mr Waters appears to be less inhibited with his criticism of the Israel lobby and clearly believes that there is something wrong with the vast majority of Israelis, with regards their opinion of Palestinians. We are all human and no group, religion or ethnicity is any better than another.



British collusion with terrorists.

Secret British diplomatic telegram calls for an Aleppo type publicity campaign to dupe the public.

A restricted access British diplomatic telegram has revealed that the aim of the campaign in Syria is not to resolve the conflict but to try to maintain its current path, a weakened Syria that is unable to unify. One of the more shocking aspects of the document is that despite public and military support for the Kurds, the US has approved the assault on Afrin by Erdogan’s forces. This is exactly the scenario that the Kurd leaders were warned about. The US is not allied to the Kurds, they are simply using them to avoid US soldiers from dying and to block the Syrian government from taking control of their rightful assets. The Americans really are throwing the Kurds under a bus.

Other aspects of the telegram describe what many of us already knew, the UK government is using propaganda to sway public opinion regarding Assad and do so without a second thought for the many more Syrians that will die due to this policy. Every attempt to find peace in Syria will be blocked by a host of US allies and the Russians are being drawn into an Afghanistan type quagmire that will also affect those that have friendly relations with Russia.

Further revelations in the diplomatic telegram stress the need to rebrand the ISIS remnants into Kurd allies, which is exactly what the US are doing in the area East of the Euphrates river. All this information comes from a leaked document signed by Benjamin Norman and can be read here. It has been translated and is quite difficult to decipher in certain areas but the general tone of the document clear for all to see.

Benjamin Norman’s twitter feed speaks volumes. His tweet history has strong associations and praise for the White Helmets and constant criticism of Syrian and Russian efforts to bring about peace to the region. Hopefully, the media coverage that surrounds the exposure of his treachery to the British people will render him toxic and deny him the opportunity to profit from the killing of innocent civilians, whilst claiming he is trying to protect lives.

In the event that this story is a pack of lies, the historic twitter feed of Norman details exactly the same propaganda that are alleged in the diplomatic telegram. As your American friends might say, Mr Norman, this is a slam dunk. I think it’s time you had a career change.





The moderate rebel fairytale.

Here is a video of militant extremists, known as ‘moderate rebels’ to the BBC and other news agencies. The destruction of Aleppo was blamed on Russian and Syrian air attacks but this video proves that the terrorists were able to destroy buildings with their own hell cannon’s. Filled with all sorts of nasty ingredients, they were designed to maim people as well as demolish buildings. For anyone not familiar with these gas bottles they are a considerable size and full of rusty nails, nuts, bolts and who knows what else, they would be difficult to lift.

These criminals are the people who are not allowing civilians to escape from East Ghouta, using snipers and shelling the humanitarian safe routes. This is a carbon copy of their behaviour in Aleppo.

With the amount of videos circulating with these gas bottle rocket devices, the extremists seem quite proud of their ingenuity, however, the media never show or mention them. This is stark contrast to the allegations of ‘barrel bombs’ use by the government troops. Whilst there are videos purportedly showing the infamous barrel bombs, there is no conclusive footage to prove their existence.


Dr Marcus Papadopoulos nails it again.

The political commentator, Dr Marcus Papadopoulos has again been involved in a brilliant interview where he explains the real intent of the White Helmets and the incredible stupidity of journalists and government officials by believing the claims of the militant affiliated group. We don’t have to dig into the dark corners of the web to find out that White Helmet extremists wear the hard hat when the camera is rolling but brandishes the automatic rifle when boasting on Facebook. Please, watch the clip.

The interviewer should take a lot of credit for allowing the doctor to express his views, despite having a totally different perception of events herself. Let’s hope that the warmonger Rupert Murdoch nor his friends get to see it and I hope she manages to keep her job.


East Ghouta – No escape.

Jeremy Bowen supports the lies about the ‘siege’.

Reports from the BBC continue to imply Russian and Syrian behaviour is stopping civilians from escaping the East Ghouta region of Syria. The presenters first words, describing the terrorists as rebels, is a blatant falsehood. The militant criminals holed up in East Ghouta have no connection to any civil liberties or freedom, nor are they defending the people that dwell in the area.

In a dull, serious tone, Jeremy Bowen describes a city the size of Manchester, England, comprising of 400,000 people, that is being starved of provisions. The implication is that the government siege is responsible for the hardship on civilians but this very same accusation was levelled at them during the battle for Aleppo. After the terrorists evacuated (under a government sponsored agreement), the terrorists were found to have hidden tons of food and medicine from the civilians and were accused of selling aid to them at extortionate prices.

Bowen voiced over some clips of children being pulled from damaged buildings by the discredited WH’s. Clearly the BBC haven’t seen these very same White Helmets posing with guns on their facebook pages. At the end of the article, Bowen signs off with ‘Jeremy Bowen, BBC news’. He doesn’t admit to being in a nice warm studio using terrorist supplied footage which he merely comments on. This is not uncommon. Virtually all the news journalists are nowhere near the fighting. Beirut, Lebanon is the usual choice but I suspect Bowen was in a UK studio. Without doubt, if they got close enough the lunatics terrorising East Ghouta, they would find out that they aren’t the cuddly rebels they try to portray.

When Aleppo was liberated, the survivors condemned the White Helmets as accomplices to Al Nusra, even situating their headquarters next to each other. Bombings on civilian areas weren’t attended to by the WH’s, only terrorist military incidents. Ghouta has also brought the WH’s onto the televisions screens, using exactly the same dust covered theatrics they used before.

A quarter of a million people were trapped in Aleppo, claimed the Western media but the real amount was in the low tens of thousands. Likewise, there are claims of 400,000 people trapped in East Ghouta, the reality will be a fraction of that number.

The failure of the humanitarian selected safe passageways out of Ghouta is blamed on a poor Russian/Syrian plan. The Western powers want a ceasefire which involves all parties involved. The Russians insist that they will not hold back from attacking internationally recognised terrorist groups, including Al Qaeda and ISIS. Why does the West want to include these barbarians? The real reason the escape routes are failing is because the militants are using snipers to stop the civilians from escaping, which proves that they want to keep them there as hostages in a bid to restrict Syrian assaults on the city.

It really doesn’t require a genius to work out the well used technique that is used over and over again. Demonise the target. Continually accuse them of heinous crimes, without producing an ounce of evidence. Wheel out enemies of the target who have a serious grievance with them and hope to convince the masses of their guilt. None of it has any truthfulness but who cares as long as they remove the victim. Thousands of innocent lives lost in the process doesn’t bother the psychopaths who runs these scams. Neither does it worry their willing accomplices…    the journalists that peddle their lies.

The Ghouta description is a carbon copy of the Aleppo claims. It didn’t stop the terrorists from being defeated there and it shouldn’t be allowed to stop the cleansing of Ghouta now. The conclusion is that the extremists are the only ones who can stop the killing in Ghouta. They cannot be allowed to terrorise the close neighbourhood of Damascus anymore. We wouldn’t allow it, why should the Syrians be expected to?