Alison McGovern MP – Ill informed or simply lying?

Your speech in the House of Commons recently was littered with inconsistencies and propaganda. They cannot go unanswered.

As I’ve said before, it’s very difficult to correspond with a British Member of Parliament unless you live in the actual area that that have been elected in. For this reason, I have no way to contact Alison McGovern (Wirral South, Labour Party) directly. For all I know, she could be an extremely dedicated woman who is a very good representative for her constituency.

The White Helmets.

Despite your good friend Jo Cox being a supporter of Palestine, sadly she was conned by a formidable media machine when she became a supporter of the White Helmets. Vanessa Beeley has researched tirelessly and discovered the reality that they are to all intent and purpose, affiliated very closely with the banned terrorist group, Al Nusra. Even if you don’t regard Beeley’s systematic exposure of the White Helmets, independent research will uncover dozens of social media accounts where members of the group have uploaded incriminating evidence. Despite claims of ‘bad apples’ by the groups leadership, evidence suggests a close and consistent association with the terrorists. This isn’t an attack on someone unable to contest my claims, at the time that Jo Cox sadly lost her life, little was known about the White Helmets.

Barrel bombs.

If, and by no means is it confirmed beyond reasonable doubt, barrel bombs have been frequently used by President Assad’s forces, is it any less civilised than waging war with the ‘hell cannon’s’ used by the opposition? Both are brutal but so is war. Considering the Assad government are alleged to have used these missiles thousands of times, there appears very sketchy evidence to support it, on the other hand, searching youtube for ‘hell cannon’ produces a plethora of examples.

Millions of displaced in Syria.

Now, either you are unaware or wilfully ignorant as to where the vast majority of displaced civilians are living in Syria? I’ll deduce the former. They are actually under the protection of government forces and I include many religious minorities that fled the ‘moderate rebels’ in imminent fear for their lives. The Syrian Arab Army have protected Alawites, Shia and others who have been hunted down by the very people our government has been actively supporting. This isn’t accusations or conjecture, it’s fact. The two towns called al-Fu’ah and Kefriya have been under siege and had many atrocities inflicted on them, again, by moderate rebels. If it weren’t for pro government forces resisting the constant attacks, both these areas would be ethnically cleansed in the most gruesome manner imaginable.

I would also like to add that there is only one side that has persistently and deliberately targeted civilians, the rebels. In Damascus alone, over 11,000 innocents have perished in attacks by the people who have just been routed by the government in East Ghouta. In comparison every effort by the government has been made to avoid civilian deaths. Why do you think there have been so many agreements that allow the terrorists to move to other areas? The sole purpose is to avoid more bloodshed and damage to infrastructure. By using tactics that avoid the threat to the civilian population, many Syrian Arab Army and its allies have been sacrificed. Compare this to the deliberate demolition of 18,000 homes in Gaza, of which there was hardly a murmur from you or you honourable friends.

A no fly zone.

Have you any idea what environment a no fly zone creates? I can show you – Libya. A totally destroyed infrastructure, ruled by warring militia, a living hell. This was created by a ‘no fly zone’. Effectively, it gives allied air forces over to the protection of the most heinous terrorists and allows their sectarian and racist genocide to go unhindered. Many Africans were slaughtered after the demise of Gaddafi, and just as he predicted, Europe has been inundated with African immigrants as a direct result. Libya used to be friendly to the people of poorer African nations, now it is far too dangerous to contemplate.

Aid access.

The fundamental problems concerning aid has been terrorist ‘hoarding ‘, then selling at extortionate prices. From every liberated region the same stories of barbaric behaviour by the allies ‘moderate rebels’. The civilian population are being starved by the very people WE are supporting. You promote an aid budget? You are having a laugh, the type of aid that the British have supplied are the White Helmets and the Syrians can do without it, thank you very much!

Humanitarian corridors? The Syrian and Russian governments continue to create such places. Unfortunately, the ‘moderate rebels’ seem to take great enjoyment in using snipers to execute those brave enough to try to escape. So far as bringing in immediate aid to the population when it’s safe to do so, we will have to be quick. Time and time again, Russian relief is there almost instantaneously for medical and other needs. ‘WE’ haven’t done anything except supply the ‘moderate rebels’ with non lethal supplies (whatever they are) and the criminal agency known as the White Helmets. Incidentally, on liberation of an area that was once littered with these frauds, don’t you find it just a little suspicious that they have all fled in the Green Buses? Do you listen to the liberated people and what they have to say about them? It’s not complimentary.

The ‘SWIFT’ system.

Did you stop and t’It was a price hink for a minute who will be most adversely affected by this exclusion? No, I didn’t think so.

Our vision for Syria???

No vision. Blind, just as we are now to the reality of Syrian suffering. They haven’t had anything but hinderance from us so far. The last thing they will want if peace breaks out is ‘our help’.


Sanctions by the US (and UK for all I know) are already taking a terrible toll. When Madeline Albright was asked about the cost in lives in Iraq by our sanctions, she said it was a price worth paying’. 500,000 people died before a bomb was dropped in Iraq because of sanctions, the vast majority of them children after we stopped selling them medicines for relatively common ailments and diseases.

Syrian groups in the UK.

Let’s just go back to Libya for a moment. There was vibrant group of Libyans, living in Manchester, as well as other places. Many of these people had fled from Gaddafi in fear of their lives. One such married couple were the parents of a certain Mr Salman Ramadan Abedi. I’m all for giving refugees safety from political persecution but intelligence services knew all about the Libyans constant flights to their homeland and back, yet did nothing. Political groups that are re-established in liberal countries such as our own can be recipients of an unwanted thank you. Abedi blew 22 people up in the Arena as way of thanking the UK for saving his parents.

Gracious at last.

I’m sure the Syrian people will be eternally grateful that you and the honourable members maintain it is their choice who leads them. I wonder if you can tell them why you and in particular, the government, have tried every method they could to deprive them of that choice. Ideally, Presidency shouldn’t be handed down through a family but the Syrian people have voted overwhelmingly for President Assad, evident by the fact that a massive majority of Syrians opt to live under government control, whenever they are given the choice. It is only the ‘moderate rebels’, along with the White Helmets (after they removed their uniforms, obviously) who get in those air conditioned buses, to wherever they wish. Such a well mannered butcher, Mr Assad is, isn’t he?

Syrian refugees.

The Syrian government are increasing control more every day, what makes you think Syrians are looking to escape persecution from the country? Syria is and always will be secular whilst President Assad is in control. He is so highly thought of, directly because of this fact. Idlib is close to Turkey, it is the favourite destination for most of the terrorists. A quick journey to the Turkish border gives these people easy access to Europe. Many of the terrorists originate from Europe, what do you think they will do when they start to come back? Rescind their previous anti social behaviour? Reintegrate as if they haven’t got hands lathered in innocent victims blood? Become perfect examples to the rest of us?

Whatever they do, just remember Abedi, and don’t expect the intelligence agencies to protect us. Despite all the alarm bells ringing, they were fast asleep, despite the ever expanding ‘security’ budget.


Ruth Smeeth, BICOM and Labour Friends of Israel.

Luciana Berger and Ian Austin join the attack on Jeremy Corbyn.

Ruth Smeeths past connection with BICOM renders her outrage over anti semitism in the party null and void. BICOM is an extreme pro Israel think tank and have been prominent in a previous scandal involving Liam Fox, who was forced to reign but is now back in government. The purpose isn’t to highlight a problem, it’s to blame Jeremy Corbyn for it. This isn’t an attack on racism, it’s an attack on Corbyn’s empathy with the Palestinians, something the pro Israel lobby find unacceptable.

Along with Smeeth, Bergman and Austin, another vocal critic of Corbyn was Joan Ryan, who lied about a bogus anti semitic attack by a Labour Party member, which would not have been uncovered but for an undercover investigation into the UK Israel lobby being conducted. Ryan lied and has to my knowledge never apologised to the victim of her smear.

These Corbyn critics are Israel ‘firsters’, when they should be looking after their constituents, not over-exaggerating anti semitic feelings in the UK.

This vendetta on Corbyn is designed to remove him. Israel supporters see his leadership a threat, merely because he advocates a fair and peaceful solution to the Israeli/Palestine conflict. How many of them have stood up in Parliament to condemn the killing of dozens by IDF snipers in Gaza? That’s right, the killings occurred in Gaza, not on Israeli (albeit stolen) land. Find one ‘Friend of Israel’ that condemns the brutality of the IDF.

This most recent assault on Corbyn’s leadership is clearly organised and well planned as the second phase, the first having failed. These MP’s are treacherous, ignoring their primary concern, the UK and the people in it, for a foreign entity. Corbyn has throughout his career been supportive of all minorities. He is the sort of MP that should be revered not relentlessly smeared.

From the Friends of Israel website.

LFI Supporters In Parliament

LFI Officers:

Rt. Hon Joan Ryan MP, LFI Chair

Louise Ellman MP

Sharon Hodgson MP

Rt. Hon Pat McFadden MP

Rachel Reeves MP

Rt. Hon John Spellar MP

Baroness Ramsay of Cartvale

Jonathan Reynolds MP

John Woodcock MP

LFI Supporters:

Ian Austin MP

Luciana Berger MP

Rt. Hon Nick Brown MP

Rt. Hon Liam Byrne MP

Vernon Coaker MP

Rosie Cooper MP

Yvette Cooper MP

Mary Creagh MP

Jon Cruddas MP

Wayne David MP

Gloria DePiero MP

Angela Eagle MP

Chris Evans MP

Jim Fitzpatrick MP

Rt. Hon Caroline Flint MP

Barry Gardiner MP

Mike Gapes MP

Preet Gill MP

Mary Glindon MP

Lilian Greenwood MP

Nia Griffith MP

Andrew Gwynne MP

Fabian Hamilton MP

Rt. Hon David Hanson MP

Carolyn Harris MP

Rt. Hon Margaret Hodge MP

Rt. Hon George Howarth MP

Rupa Huq MP

Dan Jarvis MP

Diana Johnson MP

Helen Jones MP

Kevan Jones MP

Mike Kane MP

Liz Kendall MP

Peter Kyle MP

Rt. Hon David Lammy MP

Chris Leslie MP

Ivan Lewis MP

Ian Lucas MP

Chris Matheson MP

Steve McCabe MP

Catherine McKinnell MP

Conor McGinn MP

Stephen Morgan MP

Melanie Onn MP

Lucy Powell MP

Toby Perkins MP

Jess Phillips MP

Bridget Phillipson MP

Tulip Siddiq MP

Virendra Sharma MP

Barry Sheerman MP

Ruth Smeeth MP

Angela Smith MP

Jeff Smith MP

Owen Smith MP

Gareth Snell MP

Wes Streeting MP

Graham Stringer MP

Anna Turley MP

Karl Turner MP

Emily Thornberry MP

Karl Turner MP

Derek Twigg MP

Stephen Twigg MP

Chuka Umunna MP

Rt. Hon Keith Vaz MP

Tom Watson MP

Catherine West MP

Phil Wilson MP

Rt. Hon Rosie Winterton MP

Rt Hon Lord Anderson of Swansea

Lord Beecham DL

Rt Hon Lord Blunkett

Lord Clarke of Hampstead CBE

Rt Hon Lord Clinton-Davis

Lord Davies of Coity CBE

Rt Hon Lord Foster of Bishop Auckland

Rt Hon Lord Foulkes of Cumnock

Lord Harrison

Lord Haskel

Dr Baroness Hayter

Lord Kennedy

Lord Livermore

Lord Stone of Blackheath

Lord Turnberg Kt

Lord Watts

Lord Winston

Lord Young of Norwood Green

The Labour Friends of Israel promotes divided loyalties.

Their concern is Israel, as it’s title suggests. You will find that the vast majority of these MP’s are severe critics of Corbyn. Is this coincidence? Make your own mind up.

The vile warmongers of the British establishment.

House of Israel Commons ignore logic and evidence that refutes Assad involvement in the Syrian chemical attack.

British Members of Parliament are living in a parallel universe if they really believe that there is convincing evidence that confirms President Assad’s guilt in using chemical weapons. There has been a video of the alleged event with the usual ‘mouth foam’ applied and that is it. Two medics working at the time have stated there was no CW attack and that victims were suffering from smoke inhalation.

Viewing these raving lunatics debating the attack on Syria disgusts me. These politicians are supposed to be amongst the top-level of intellectuals, our brightest individuals. It would appear we are in a hopeless situation. The only thing I’ve observed is a competition to see how far up Theresa May’s arse they can climb.

The war in Syria is for the benefit of one country – Israel.

This is the stark reality. It was not a popular revolution, it was an invasion of armed thugs. Many came from Libya, along with the weapons stolen from the Libyan army and provided by the US. The fragmentation of Syria is a long-term aim for Israel, to weaken it to the point that it is unable to resist against the Zionist entity and to make sure the Golan Heights cannot be returned to Syrian control. Despite this occupation being condemned by the UN, Israel demolished over one hundred Syrian villages and farms in the region and subsequently, the lands were given to Israeli settlers. If Assad is removed and the country destroyed, Israel will kick out the 17,000 Arabs and Druze that remain there.

We have a problem with our politicians loyalty to the UK.

I am puzzled why so many of our politicians are involved in Friends of Israel organisations. They don’t have Friends of Argentina or any other country, why Israel? A detailed look at parliamentary gifts would make it clearer.

80% of the government are members of the Conservative Friends of Israel organisation.

There are also a significant number of opposition MP’s in the Labour Friends of Israel. These aren’t benign groups akin to a coffee morning club. These are very powerful lobbyists and almost all the ‘Friends of Israel’ have at some time been on an ‘all expenses’ trip to the country. They are carefully shepherded and only access areas that are acceptable but never given access to experience it from the Palestinian side. You won’t see a British MP stuck at a checkpoint for hours on end, unless they are openly pro Palestinian and then the likelihood is that they won’t be allowed in at all.

One thing we can be sure of is that this ‘coalition’ attack wasn’t for Syrian children being killed and the way the missile attack is being approved, many are supporting the war crime of May, more attacks are almost guaranteed. If concern for Muslim kids was the priority, there is a much more pressing catastrophe happening in Yemen. Saudi Arabia are bombing the poorest country in the Middle East back to the stone age, but that’s ok, because they are buying the Jets and missiles from the UK.

With so many of our politicians ‘friends of Israel’, should we be worried about their ability to make decisions that always benefit the UK?

I obviously don’t have the answer to this but I do know that a huge amount of candidate funding can be the difference between winning an election and losing it. Am I claiming that Israel strongly supports representatives sympathetic to their cause? Absolutely and we can look at the US for more compelling evidence, There are a  number of former Senators that only crossed the Israel lobby once. US politicians who show evenhandedness are not tolerated in the US and only long serving, well established and very popular Senators are able to criticise Israel. Unfortunately most of them attend AIPAC conventions, the primary Jewish American organisation. As far as I can tell, the last President that didn’t address an AIPAC convention was G H.W Bush. He also delayed loaning Israel $10 billion in a bid to keep the Middle East peace process alive. Curiously (or not), he wasn’t elected for a second term. This from The Observer:

“Many believe that George H.W. Bush’s defeat in 1992 was the result of Jewish-American opposition fueled by his hard-line against Israeli settlements under the Shamir government.”

It might be fair to say that we dont have an AIPAC in the UK but when I see so many sycophants in the British Parliament and being aware of the importance Israel places on Assad’s defeat, the suspicion is difficult to ignore. A strong Syria is pivotal to any possibility of justice for the Palestinians. If Syria were to fall into the hands of Al Qaeda and ISIS, they would then continue to try and destroy Hezbollah. Bearing in mind, only the Lebanese resistance has managed to give Israel a bloody nose, it would be a win-win for Netanyahu. There is only one reason that Israel have not attacked Hezbollah in 11 years and that is fear. Once the Israeli jets had done as much as they could and the battle was on the ground, the superior tactics and ingenuity of the Shia militia, despite the IDF being much better equipped, was a gamechanger. The likelihood is that the Israelis would face battle hardened and a much better equipped Hezbollah today.

The Americans, British and French aren’t on a moral crusade, they are on ‘Jewish mission’, having already destroyed Iraq and Libya, who were, after Syria, the Palestinians greatest allies. A large part of Syria and Iraq, along with all of Lebanon are included in the map of Greater Israel. Gaddafi’s crime was financing the Palestinians.

Update on UK government application for an emergency debate.

An emergency debate has been granted and two speakers have already condemned President Assad. The Labour MP, Alison McGovern is in the middle of a tirade, not based on evidence but on pure fantasy and unverified ‘rebel’ claims. Frequent referral to the murdered politician, Joanne Cox, McGovern appears to be oblivious to the fact that Cox’s favoured Syrian cause, the White Helmets are widely condemned, by observers and Syrians alike, as an extension of Al Nusra.

If McGovern had done any research whatsoever, she would have discovered that the White Helmets themselves have betrayed their terrorist agenda on personal FaceBook pages. The organisation have claimed it’s the odd bad apple but close to a hundred of these frauds have been seen, brandishing weapons or involved in extremist parades.

McGovern is also calling for trade restrictions on the Assad Government, which I find absolutely incredible. Surely she can’t be unaware that the very children she pleads for with watery eyes have been deprived of vital drugs for almost seven years because of sanctions?

Her speech then moves on to the emotive subject of refugees, here is another example of how little she knows. Many Syrian refugees in Germany are only waiting for their former towns and villages to be made safe by the Syrian government before they return home. Internal displacement reduces with every area recovered from the terrorists and it is only destroyed buildings and the extremists slowing down repatriation. Why these people think that bombing Syria will improve matters, I don’t know. Syrian refugees are not looking to come here Mrs McGovern, they are very keen to return home, please do some research before you try to lecture other people about things you know little about.

Kenneth Clarke, proving that age doesn’t necessarily improve intelligence, reiterating the same ignorance as many others in our corridors of power. Clarke is absolutely convinced that Assad did the crime and admitted there is a lot of street to street fighting that is a temptation to use CW. Again, if he had done cursory research, he would be aware that the Syrian Arab Army had already conquered the area where the alleged attack occurred, hence the Russians could declare immediate access to the site.

Hilary Benn has just explained how US and British carefully targeted Syria to avoid damaging infrastructure but the Syrians and Russians have been carelessly bombing civilians for years. I wonder how he can explain Russian popularity and gratitude from the Syrians, if that is the case. Claiming success for a no fly zone over Iraq and confident of the Kurdish gratitude, he fails to remember them being slaughtered because the British and US abandoned them when Iraq forces attacked. His selective memory appears to have hit another blank spot with regards the sanctions that are reported to have killed 500,000 Iraqis, mostly children.

I’m sure these fools will continue to expose their ignorance till the end of the debate but I’m hopeful that Jeremy Corbyn will comment on only verified facts, something the current members in this debate have categorically omitted.



Led to war by a fool.

UK await a decision by the lunatic in the White House.

The pathetic UK government are waiting for the nod from Trump to bring even more carnage on Syria because of allegations relating to the use of chemical weapons. None of the previous claims have been confirmed and in each case there has been no logical or strategical reason to use them. The first time the Russians mediated to get rid of all Syrian chemical weapons, which the OPCW oversaw. The reason they had them in the first place was because their troublesome neighbour, Israel had (and still holds) vast quantities. The OPCW had no reservations regarding the removal and destruction by the US. Syria denied any involvement aside from the fact that many of their soldiers died in the terrorist attack.

The second claim was responded to by Trump, with 59 cruise missiles being fired at a Syrian air base. One of the ‘primary witnesses’, a doctor interviewed at the local hospital called Shajul Islam is a suspected terrorist who had been involved with the kidnapping of numerous journalists and aid workers before being allowed to return to Syria by the UK intelligence services. This was barely reported by the BBC and was only available in two year old editions of newspapers due to his court case collapsing. John Cantlie (the main prosecution witness) had returned to the region and was seized for a second time. He had already escaped being kidnapped once before.

The recent accusation, just like the others, are similarly shrouded in terrorist activities and their motives. This time it’s Jaish al-Islam, a notorious group of terrorists that are so extreme, even their fellow terrorist in Idlib despise them. They have apparently been moved to a location near there but their ‘colleagues’ have sworn to destroy them.

Ill feeling amongst the various groups is widespread but the venom reserved for Jaish al-Islam is particularly fierce and I believe there is a perfectly good reason for this. There have been rumours about US, British and Israeli special services infiltrated into terrorist groups since the war began but just as in Aleppo during that siege, Douma has also been rife with whispers of outside assistance to the terrorists. It’s claimed that the last pocket remaining in East Ghouta, controlled by Jaish al-Islam was also holding ‘foreign advisors’. If that was the case, it’s quite clear why the group is so unpopular. They are either considered to be a fabricated organisation designed by Western intelligence to do their bidding or they have actually been working side by side with the agencies that have been meddling in Syrian affairs. In other words Jaish al-Islam are considered to be traitors.  

During the cleansing of East Ghouta, SAA and its allies have found at least one chemical weapons factory built by the terrorists, needless to say, the mainstream media haven’t uttered a word about this warehouse that was abandoned as the Syrian government forces moved in.

I refer regularly to the OPCW but that’s not to say it’s an organisation that can be trusted. Ahmet Üzümcü is the Director-General of the organisation and is from Turkey. Erdogan’s hatred of Assad and Üzümcü’s relationship with him, if there is one, is not clear. The composition of the executive council changes on May 12th this year, the members are from a wide international consensus but their conclusions from the Khan Sheikhoun CW allegations were riddled with inconsistencies and, by their own admission, the control of the samples from the site were not kept under their own ‘chain of custody’ rules. That means there is no way of knowing if the evidence is credible. Their official report on Khan Sheikhoun is therefore nothing but tainted propaganda that could not be used in a court of law and casts serious doubts about their general authenticity.

It appears at the moment as if Theresa May is resisting attempts to take a vote in the British parliament, regarding Syria. Calls from all sides have been ignored, probably due to David Cameron’s failure to get approval the last time there was a vote. It will be a serious mistake if there is a large scale attack on Syria (which seems most likely the longer they take to plan it). The lies and ‘faulty intelligence’ from previous atrocities haven’t taught us anything. This attack is being built on claims by a terrorist group closely affiliated with Al Qaeda. Of course that group have never actually existed. It was the name given to them by the intelligence community and referred to ‘the base’, a list of terrorist suspects from around the world. It was designed and constructed by shady government lackeys, just like Jaish al-Islam have been. This is the reason the other terrorists have vowed to destroy them and the reason why the governments of US and UK trust their claims so much. They are security service assets and for this reason alone, appear to have such influence in creating yet another atrocity on a Muslim majority nation.

The common theme with all these baseless accusations is that US and UK are deliberately using extremely disreputable, unreliable and unbelievable sources in an attempt to get popular approval for attacking Syria. Shajul Islam, Jaish al-Islam and the White Helmets are just about as untrustworthy as you could get.

No war in Syria on behalf of terrorists.

Another open letter to Matt Warman MP.

Despite little chance of influencing the corridors of power, I wrote to my local parliamentary representative to try to appeal for restraint regarding an attack on Syria.


Thursday 12 April 2018

Dear Matt Warman, with regards to the recent threat of attacks on the sovereign state of Syria, I write to you appealing for restraint and the opportunity for the elected members of parliament to be given a vote regarding this important issue. As you’ll be aware, David Cameron, when he was leader, did just that and parliament rejected the proposal.

We would all agree that the use of chemical weapons is a heinous crime and should be punished by the International community. The US, UK and France are not the International community, just a small part of it.

Given the the time for a proper investigation of the claims, the consensus to sanction or punish Assad, if indeed he did use chemical weapons would be almost unanimous amongst members of the UN. Currently, we do not possess any verifiable evidence to support the rebel claims in Douma, Syria. Assad forces had no strategic gain from using chemical weapons, which brings me to the source of the allegations.

The reason that Jaish al-Islam are the last pocket in Eastern Ghouta is because they are unable to find anywhere to go. So despised by other rebels for their extreme views, even amongst illegal militant groups, of which they are one, the ‘Army of Islam’ are unable to relocate to Idlib, for example. This particular group have been widely accused of using chemical weapons themselves and have been responsible for kidnapping thousands of Syrian Alawite minorities, of which only a hundred have recently been freed into the safety of government troops. The rest are feared dead.

It is with the lack of credibility in this extremist group that I implore you to request a parliamentary vote for the house and at least wait until there has been sufficient time to investigate this alleged crime.

As I type this, it is becoming apparent that terrorist groups are congregating in perceived weak areas of Syrian government control to take advantage of any attack by the ‘coalition’ on Syrian forces. To be the air cover for such barbaric extremist groups would be a crime in itself and heap even more misery on the people of Syria, the overwhelming majority living under the protection of President Assad and the Syrian Arab Army.

It is for the innocent people of Syria, who have suffered so much already that I write to you. A coalition bombing campaign can do nothing but magnify the destruction and death they are already surrounded by.

Thank you Mr Warman.


Unfortunately, Mr Warman’s government didn’t give the opportunity for the OPCW to book into a Damascus hotel, never mind investigate the suspected atrocity. So if you read this Mr Warman, no need to respond, the RAF spoke on your behalf.

Corbyn fights for peace.

Opposition leader calls for Parliamentary vote on military action.

The last time the UK was close to military action in Syria, David Cameron, acutely aware of the mess he made of Libya, gave the elected members of parliament a vote on whether we should join the US in its quest to bomb Syria. He lost and this is probably the basis on which Theresa May has denied her Labour Party counterpart the opportunity this time around.

Theresa May’s ‘don’t go to jail’ card.

Despite Tony Blair’s denial of any wrongdoing in the wars on Afghanistan and Iraq, the majority of the UK population hold him responsible for deceit and agreeing to go to war alongside George Bush before there was reasonable evidence to do so. He blamed faulty intelligence but was guilty of twisting that information to suit his own agenda. There was no direct threat to the UK from Iraq and the claim of invading Afghanistan to stop the Taliban from protecting the alleged prime suspect of the 9/11 atrocity, Osama Bin Laden, resulting in him never being convicted, even in absentia, for the crime. Furthermore, he was never described as wanted by the FBI in connection to the attack.

The death of Dr David Kelly, a world renowned expert on WMD and well respected amongst his peers, cleared the way for war. The passing of Dr Kelly was mired in controversy with normal protocols being ignored and questions by a group of eminent doctors and surgeons being dismissed. Dr David Halpin has written extensively on Dr Kelly and it can be found here.

Former Conservative Prime minister, David Cameron also deliberately overstepped a UN mandate with regards to Libya. The US, UK and France tricked the Russians and Chinese into agreeing to a resolution, subsequently forcing regime change when it wasn’t a specific aim. This is partly the reason Russia vetoes any resolution on Syria, knowing that the US and UK will not stop until Assad is deposed. As we all know, Gaddafi was brutally murdered after his fleeing entourage was attacked by the UN.

Theresa May is acutely aware that none of these crimes have been properly investigated, never mind a resulting conviction. The Chilcot inquiry on Iraq was  very clear on its conclusion. Blair had misled, distorted and lied to the British people regarding multiple aspects of the Iraq war (even though the media didn’t describe it like this). Cameron never even faced an inquiry into his part in the destruction of Libya. The RAF were used as an air force for the most extreme criminals, who then went on to provide weapons and ‘rebels’ in the fight against Syria.

Lets not forget that it was these same Libyans that then used a suicide bomber on Manchester Arena and that it was the Home Secretary, Theresa May who allowed this particular group to travel to and from Libya without interference. She is at least guilty of gross incompetence. Salman Abedi and his family were part of community of Libyans living close to each other in Manchester and they were supposed to be under the watchful eye of intelligence agencies. Either these agencies weren’t doing their job or they willfully allowed the Manchester atrocity to go ahead, resulting in the deaths of 22 and maiming of dozens.

Every action has a reaction, unless you’re a politician.

If we had a fair and just legal system, May would not be the Prime Minister at all. She would have been tried for colluding with the terrorists that caused mayhem in Manchester. Blair (and several of his cabinet and advisors) would be looking at us from behind bars, Cameron would be alongside them.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. If we look at cause and effect, every aspect of foreign policy results in creating friends but overwhelmingly, enemies. We enable the most brutal dictators until we find they have much more control than we imagined, then we find a reason to remove them. Ideally, it will be a military removal and then they can suffer the ‘Shock and Awe’ of carpet bombing vast areas, that are bound to contain thousands of civilians. The added bonus is that government then has to replace these munitions.

The companies that prosper because of war.


Now can you see why we ‘need’ to bomb Syria, despite it being unsubstantiated claims by the most extreme of the militants in Syria?

Theresa May.

So here are the basic reasons May will likely bomb Syria.

There will be no possibility of her ever being brought to trial.

Weapons manufacturers will make billions.

Israel will have the fractured Syria it craves.

Theresa May is fervently pro Israel, even going to the length of redefining what constitutes anti semitism in an attempt to curtail criticism of Israel. By insinuating that justifiable attacks on Israeli human rights crimes are anti semitic, she hoped to be able to lawfully limit the legitimate critics of Israel from exposing their atrocious treatment of Palestinians.


The Skripal conspiracy and what it means to us.

It’s looking increasingly obvious that we have all been fooled by this elaborate hoax.

Reports are surfacing today that claim Yulia Skripal has been released from hospital, being debriefed by British authorities before being given a new identity so that she can ‘disappear’, like a ghost in the night. Many analysts are conflating the Salisbury poisoning and the current Syrian chemical weapon allegations but I was sceptical and couldn’t see any real connection. That has all changed now that it has become clear that Miss Skripal intends staying in the UK under a different identity.

The aim was to demonise Russia and unequivocally tie them to chemical weapons so that the general public make the connection:

Syria + Russia = Absolutely conclusive proof of chemical weapon using rogue states.

The diplomatic fall out was to bring back (supposedly) valuable assets in Russia, in case the war escalates from the locality of Syria, into a worldwide conflict.

Everything is finally making sense and it doesn’t look good. Israel knew it was coming, that is why they took the opportunity to kill 31 and injure 2,500, knowing that the Russian veto at the UN would overshadow the US veto to investigate Israel.

Russia has stated on numerous occasions that they are integrated into every level of the Syrian military and therefore one cannot be targeted without killing the other. If that happens, Russia have promised reprisals. If Russia don’t respond to what is being described as a huge assault on Syria, they will be regarded as weak, if they do respond it opens the door to the final war.

This isn’t going to be 59 Tomahawk missiles. The US and UK are going to fritter billions of dollars worth of military hardware onto the people of Syria in what will be a devastating attack. They had lost the war to remove Assad, now Syria will pay the price.

The writing is on the wall and we are unable to stop the lunatic in the White House, supported by a British poodle and a compromised Frenchman.

It’s quite surreal as everything falls into place and it becomes clear what is happening before our eyes. Despite an increasingly suspicious British public, the government carried on with the unbelievable Skripal fantasy and now it looks like they are both assets of the British intelligence services, being employed to smear Putin and the Russian people.

All I can suggest is to contact your local MP and demand a vote before we get involved in any action against Syria – We are effectively declaring war on Russia. Do you think the US will be concerned when the Russians sink the HMS Great Britain (or should it be USS Great Britain?)

Maybe it won’t come to this but I genuinely fear for Syria. A brave and valiant resistance against US/UK/Israel led terrorists has been an epic battle of survival, which looks like being undone by a host of raving lunatics that have no respect for ordinary people and if the shit hits the fan, they will be underground and ironically, will survive to die of old age.

Another irony of all this is that Syria and Russia have both given up all chemical weapons under the watchful eye of the OPCW.

Perhaps I’ve misinterpreted much of this, I hope I have. Nothing will please me more than if I end up looking an absolute plum for writing this article.

Carlson Tucker is the only high profile presenter that is revealing the truth.

The only thing I would contest is Carlson’s conclusion that Assad is capable of an attack using chemical weapons. Carlson’s expression when listening to Roger Wicker’s lies, is a picture. He then goes on to rip the Senators logic to pieces by simply stating the facts. This video should be spread far and wide by anyone that values both the international rule of law and the right to remove terrorism from their towns and cities. The remarks by refugees flooding out of  the terrorist run parts of Syria is compelling evidence that these thugs have been terrorising them and holding them as human shields.