Naftali Bennett: Almost silent and very deadly.

Will anything change with a new leader? Not likely.

Bennett was pivotal in the 1996 massacre in Qana and has boasted of ‘killing many Arabs’.

After Bennett’s recent success in negotiating the removal of the stubborn Netanyahu, the BBC virtually ignored his extremist views and instead quoted him as saying he would unite the nation. From where I’m stood, it doesn’t need uniting. The vast majority are more than happy with the murder, subjugation and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.

True to form, the BBC concentrated on Bennett’s promise of unity. This is in stark contrast to the reaction to the election of a new Iranian President announced recently.

Here us the BBC reaction to the result of the Iranian election…

The BBC seeks the views of the Palestinian occupation regime.

For some reason, instead of getting the usual diplomatic response to a new world leader from a UK government official the BBC quotes a psychopath who has bragged about killing Palestinians and took great pleasure in his government trying to destroy Iranian nuclear centrifuges. Do they not consider what damage it would cause to the rest of us?

Outside of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi is relatively unknown but the BBC labelled him a ‘hardliner’. I have no idea what the policies of Mr Raisi will be but Bennett will hardly be a voice of reason considering the frenzied Israeli paranoia regarding Iran. Just like Netanyau, Bennett will continue to pretend that Israel do not have nuclear weapons when in reality they have one of the largest stockpiles in the world and will repeat the accusations that Iran is trying to procure them. There is no evidence that Iran is doing anything other than improving nuclear facilities to help them produce their own power and provide them with self sufficient medical services. After all, Israeli inspired sanctions are causing great hardship to Iranians, one of them being scarcity of medical supplies and treatment equipment.

Mainstream media: Iran bashing.

Whether it is religion, cultural or social policies under discussion, the mainstream media will find any reason to attack Iran. The death penalty and how often it is used is constantly mentioned, while ignoring US implementation of the same repugnant policy. Regarding Israel, they never mention the large number of Palestinians routinely executed at checkpoints and other places by Israeli security. The coverage is not a fair representation of the actual news. We can all highlight the faults of our enemies, it’s very easy. At the same time, ignoring the crimes of our friends doesn’t mean there are none, it simply means that there is a selective bias. Virtually all mainstream media are involved in conditioning and shaping our perception of events in any area of the world ‘the West’ lacks absolute control. They are a tool for Western dominance.

The occupation – dwindling support for the regime.

There is no doubt that Bennett will continue the extremist policies of his predecessor. He has consistently and unashamedly advocated the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and supports the cause of the 600,000 violent ‘settlers’ who plague the Palestinians in the West Bank. But times are changing, albeit agonisingly slowly. The support for Israel dwindles after every attack on Gaza and the occupations tarnished reputation is damaged furthermore by every crime they commit. World leaders might not be bothered about what happens to Palestinians but they are concerned with public approval and Bennett could complicate the previous Israeli reliance on the collective international blind spot. The Israeli leader has already broken a ceasefire with Gaza within two days of taking office.


The Resistance can’t possibly stop Israeli attacks from happening through military means but they can damage the Israeli delusion of being safe. The missiles used just a few weeks ago on many places inside Israel forced millions of citizens into shelters. The economy takes a substantial hit and the civilians cannot stomach inconvenience. Unlike the Palestinians, who have suffered every kind of tactic intended to make normal life impossible.

West Bank.

Netanyahu bragged about stealing property and land from the Palestinian West Bank but then realised he had been too brazen, even with a pliable President like Trump in power. He then continued silently, it never stopped and Bennett will continue the process. The violent oppression and incessant theft from Palestinians won’t stop no matter who is the Prime Minister. This is what the vast majority of Israelis want, it’s not a few bad apples running government, many Israelis through school then conscription into the army do not regard them as equals.

Many Israelis aren’t shy when they are asked about the Palestinians, driving them all away is a widely held aspiration. They consider the region their own because they say they lived there 2000 years ago. It’s difficult to prove anything from so long ago but anyone who considers this to be a good basis for the military takeover of the region needs their head examining. The most recent assault on Gaza seems to have created an unusual reaction. People I never believed would come around to having sympathy for the Palestinians have pleasantly surprised me with their level of support for the beleaguered victims of Israeli war crimes.

EU hypocrisy.

Europe gives the criminal regime very favourable trading conditions. Germany have repaid the ‘debt’ to Israel in many different ways, the most bizarre being the gifting of submarines which will be able to fire nuclear laden missiles. I suppose this is where plausible deniability comes in useful because the Germans can say Israel isn’t nuclear capable, even though they know they are. Israel will simply stay tight lipped and then be able to say “we didn’t lie about nuclear weapons”.

US compliance.

It’s been so easy to manipulate US politicians because of the strong presence of Zionists throughout the corridors of power. Why do it themselves if they can get the US to do it? Ferocious resistance they encountered in Lebanon 2006 has made Israeli ground invasions very unlikely. The IDF were found wanting and the recent reluctance to invade Gaza proves their hesitancy. Israeli aggressive policies towards his neighbours (and Iran) will continue under Bennett but he knows that a failed operation resulting in IDF casualties could quickly bring down his fledgling government.

All Israeli leaders have been associated with terrorist organisations, Bennett is no different.

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