Aleppo Mayor accuses Assad of creating a Holocaust.

An independent radio station recently broadcast the news that the Mayor of Aleppo had condemned the West for inaction, allowing Assad to continue the ‘Holocaust of Aleppo’. I heard this report myself, numerous times on the work place radio.

There is a serious problem with this news bulletin. There is no ‘Mayor of Aleppo’. The story was a complete fabrication. It appears Sky News were duped into believing the claims of the source. If they accept the word of a complete stranger with regards Syria, what else will the amateurish hacks believe? A five year old child would demand evidence to support ‘the Mayor’, but not the mainstream media. The lies surrounding the Assad government haven’t been supported by facts on the ground, but it hasn’t bothered these very same people who accepted the lies over Saddam and Gadhafi. These people should be prosecuted for negligence, deception and crimes against humanity.

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