Ruth Smeeth, BICOM and Labour Friends of Israel.

Luciana Berger and Ian Austin join the attack on Jeremy Corbyn.

Ruth Smeeth’s past connection with BICOM renders her ‘outrage’ over anti semitism in the party null and void. BICOM is an extreme pro Israel think tank and have been prominent in a previous scandal involving Conservative MP, Liam Fox, who was forced to resign but is now back in government. Typically for politicians, resigning from a government role is almost always a temporary status. The purpose of the outrage isn’t to highlight a particular problem, it’s to blame Jeremy Corbyn for it. This isn’t an attack on racism, it’s an attack on Corbyn’s concern for and empathy with the Palestinian people.  BICOM and other pro Israeli lobby groups will not accept high profile political support for Palestinians.

Along with Smeeth, Bergman and Austin, another vocal critic of Corbyn was Joan Ryan, who lied about a bogus anti semitic attack by a Labour Party member, which would not have been uncovered but for a secret investigation into the UK Israel lobby being conducted at the time of the claim. Ryan lied and has to my knowledge never apologised to the victim of her smear.

These Corbyn critics are Israel ‘firsters’, when they should be looking after their own constituents, not exaggerating anti semitic feelings in the UK.

This vendetta on Corbyn is designed to remove him. Israel supporters see his leadership a threat, merely because he advocates a fair and peaceful solution to the Israeli/Palestine conflict. How many of them have stood up in Parliament to condemn the killing of dozens by IDF snipers in Gaza? That’s right, the killings occurred in Gaza, not on Israeli (albeit stolen) land. Try to find one ‘Friend of Israel’ that condemns the brutality of the IDF operations in Gaza. You won’t.

This most recent assault on Corbyn’s leadership is clearly organised and well planned as the second phase, the first having failed. These MP’s are treacherous, ignoring their primary concern, the UK and the people in it, for a foreign entity. Corbyn has throughout his career been supportive of all minorities. He is the sort of MP that should be revered not relentlessly smeared.

From the Friends of Israel website.

LFI Supporters In Parliament

LFI Officers:

Rt. Hon Joan Ryan MP, LFI Chair

Louise Ellman MP

Sharon Hodgson MP

Rt. Hon Pat McFadden MP

Rachel Reeves MP

Rt. Hon John Spellar MP

Baroness Ramsay of Cartvale

Jonathan Reynolds MP

John Woodcock MP

LFI Supporters:

Ian Austin MP

Luciana Berger MP

Rt. Hon Nick Brown MP

Rt. Hon Liam Byrne MP

Vernon Coaker MP

Rosie Cooper MP

Yvette Cooper MP

Mary Creagh MP

Jon Cruddas MP

Wayne David MP

Gloria DePiero MP

Angela Eagle MP

Chris Evans MP

Jim Fitzpatrick MP

Rt. Hon Caroline Flint MP

Barry Gardiner MP

Mike Gapes MP

Preet Gill MP

Mary Glindon MP

Lilian Greenwood MP

Nia Griffith MP

Andrew Gwynne MP

Fabian Hamilton MP

Rt. Hon David Hanson MP

Carolyn Harris MP

Rt. Hon Margaret Hodge MP

Rt. Hon George Howarth MP

Rupa Huq MP

Dan Jarvis MP

Diana Johnson MP

Helen Jones MP

Kevan Jones MP

Mike Kane MP

Liz Kendall MP

Peter Kyle MP

Rt. Hon David Lammy MP

Chris Leslie MP

Ivan Lewis MP

Ian Lucas MP

Chris Matheson MP

Steve McCabe MP

Catherine McKinnell MP

Conor McGinn MP

Stephen Morgan MP

Melanie Onn MP

Lucy Powell MP

Toby Perkins MP

Jess Phillips MP

Bridget Phillipson MP

Tulip Siddiq MP

Virendra Sharma MP

Barry Sheerman MP

Ruth Smeeth MP

Angela Smith MP

Jeff Smith MP

Owen Smith MP

Gareth Snell MP

Wes Streeting MP

Graham Stringer MP

Anna Turley MP

Karl Turner MP

Emily Thornberry MP

Karl Turner MP

Derek Twigg MP

Stephen Twigg MP

Rt. Hon Keith Vaz MP

Tom Watson MP

Catherine West MP

Phil Wilson MP

Rt. Hon Rosie Winterton MP

Rt Hon Lord Anderson of Swansea

Lord Beecham DL

Rt Hon Lord Blunkett

Lord Clarke of Hampstead CBE

Rt Hon Lord Clinton-Davis

Lord Davies of Coity CBE

Rt Hon Lord Foster of Bishop Auckland

Rt Hon Lord Foulkes of Cumnock

Lord Harrison

Lord Haskel

Dr Baroness Hayter

Lord Kennedy

Lord Livermore

Lord Stone of Blackheath

Lord Turnberg

Lord Watts

Lord Winston

Lord Young of Norwood Green

The Labour Friends of Israel promotes divided loyalties.

Their concern is for Israel, as it’s title suggests. You will find that the vast majority of these MP’s are severe critics of Corbyn. Is this coincidence? Make your own mind up.

3 thoughts on “Ruth Smeeth, BICOM and Labour Friends of Israel.

  1. Hi
    I have something on MuralGate if you want. Please email. I do have an academic page at but its a little abstract,

    • Chris, I’ve just managed to read your article on Muralgate and it’s magnificent. It really needs to be widely read to understand the very calculated and organised methods being used by Zionists to protect Israel. However, this is much more than that. Whether we like Corbyn or not, while he is leader of the Labour Party, we at least have a choice. The people involved in the smear campaign aren’t just killing Palestinians, they are killing what is left of our democracy and should be exposed.

      • Thanks DD,
        For a week or so I have started to tweet it. I am on ChrisFriel7. And Muralgaga is on my academic site page Chris S Friel. Rightly or wrongly I have not hidden it from those concerned, so Clare Quilty aka Ben Reed has (a) spent a long time looking at my profile – which is nothing to do with Palestine ! and (b) made @CQuilty52 vanish

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