Ursula Haverbeck goes to jail.

The 89 year old German woman starts her two year sentence for asking too many questions.

Described by the Daily Mail and many others as the ‘Nazi grandma’, despite no connections to neo Nazi organisations, German authorities have recently imprisoned her for ‘Holocaust denial’. I attempted to look her up on youtube.Opera Snapshot_2018-05-08_144504_www.youtube.com

So what is it that she has said, that is so bad I am unable to watch it in the UK? I decided to use the Opera browser because it has a built in VPN, which allowed me to view it after connecting to a Russian server. I assume British authorities have decided that I shouldn’t be watching it.

As it turns out, I’d already seen another video involving Mrs Haverbeck and can reveal that the 89 year old lady isn’t spreading hate crime or trying to incite violence against any section of society. She is merely expressing a personal opinion that she has come to, after asking all the German authorities she could think of a simple question. The question was this: ‘Where is the location of the 6 million Jewish victims of the German Holocaust?’

Despite trying to get an answer for over five years, not a single reply was given so she concluded that the crime mustn’t have happened. It seems this is when her own life of crime started. Mrs Haverbeck began writing her views and was invited to express them at various meetings. There is no suggestion she was speaking to Nazi or extreme right wing organisations.

Now think what you will about her methodology and indeed her conclusions but there is something very sinister about an elderly woman being treated in such a way when she is causing no harm and is no conceivable threat to anyone.

German authorities should be thoroughly ashamed. Whether you agree with her or not, she is certainly not a criminal.

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