2 comments on “Bullshit.

  1. g’times :}

    “”Do you want a Jewish majority? No problem. Either put the Arabs on railway cars, buses, camels and donkeys and expel them en masse – or separate ourselves from them absolutely, without tricks and gimmicks. There is no middle path””
    Avraham Burg-2003
    “”tricks and gimmicks”” became their state policy!!!

    in every aspect this story reeks cuz its 2oo convenient with a perfect timing!
    with WORLD-CUP and its frenzy kicking off and with iraq”s meltdown and isis”s barbaric antics taking the majority of the international outlet…,
    soo,.. its 100% an engineered crisis designed 2 legitimize and strengthen israel”s position as a defender not as an offender as they arent initiating the violence,.. they’r retaliating the injustice that has befallen on them!
    and also its a false flag opted 2 annex the settlement blocks!

    ,.,.,and wut bibi and his hell-hounds doing by their calculated ferocious operations and gruesome attacks is exhibiting control, soothing the raging streets and grooming the hordes of settlers plus+ his personal political gain by boosting his image 4 the upcoming election~such opportunity and publicity cant go by un-fully used and benefited,..a PR stunt!

    ,.,.,and by swarming the west-bank, its suburbs and thro-out its villages with a vicious thrust of harvesting the youths and rounding them up he’l be filling the jails with palestinian detainees and hold them under “”administrative detention”” up 4months if not years and they’r re-snatching wut they already released in shalit’s deal about 3 years ago!
    soo,.. its a GAME-PLAN! he’l bargain them later-on if a prisoners exchange treaty was thrown at the table after much hindering ,stalling and middlings ,..,he got 2 keep those jail-sells packed 1 way or another!
    wyelse such a wide massive campaign of civilian abductions!?
    r they putting all those men,minors and women thro intensive interrogations while exposing them 2 excruciating pain til 1 of them miraculously confesses of the plot?
    well! they’r most certainly doing that but it makes no sense 2 me! such inane waste of human resources and time! they cant all be collaborators,.,i’m sure NONE IS!
    but if we learnt anything about the zinoists by now! ,.,., they’r irrational in their frenetic rampages!

    is it regardlessly moral army that dosent steal? ^^

    *****watching the pictures and virals of their raids where they’r creating havoc on purpose and vandalizes homes with such impetuosity leaving nuthing un-turned,shredded, ransacked and inspected makes me wonder~women there have the tendency of hiding their valuables{its mostly gold} in a place near and dear on their bedrooms/closets ,.,., how many of that has found its way magically in2 their gigantic pockets? since reports has been made of missing laptops and cell-phones!
    i guess the 2nd-hand market in israel is going 2 thrive in the nxt few weeks by those un-lawful spoils!

  2. ^
    this picture was up-front couple of days ago when this hysteria of isis+settlers+kenya erupted cheek by jowl and it was talking about the islam-mania thro-out the globe and how its horrors spreading
    and its so soo mis-leading!
    wy the palestinian woman included! she’s mourning wut israel took from her not the islamists?

    4 more confirmations,…. in another articale that follows up the westbank developments, the commentary under the picture was —> Pain: A Palestinian woman mourns the death of her relative Ahmed Al Sabbaren, who medics said was killed by the Israeli army in in al-Jalazoun refugee camp

    HUUUH! this news-paper got no accuracy!
    did they need a picture of 1 of the mothers of those settlers mimicking empathy and couldnt find 1{cuz bizarrely those women arent weeping and extorting sympathy all over the cameras and in spot-lights as 1 would assume!-FINALLY they showed up with a slight grin on their faces! ODD-ish}?


    so,.. they choose a wrongful 1 from the same conflict zone and hoped no1 would notice?
    or r they blaming hamas 4 those palestinians youngsters deaths by israeli bullets 2?
    they embraced martyrdom cuz those hooligans r shooting aimlessly at unarmed civilians! not cuz hamas signed a unity pact with a fellow palestinian brothers-in-arms and allegedly done harm 2 the state of israel and its law abiding citizens!

    regardsSSs :~d

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