The so called ‘elite’.

The extraordinary clamour to drop bombs on an already embattled region in Syria tells us all we need to know about politicians. They are supposed to be the most intelligent amongst society, wanting to do their best, not just for people here but around the world.

Despite their supposedly privileged education, it seems they learnt nothing, especially in their history classes. Iraq and Libya are recent disasters we can learn from. Both are effectively failed states and neither need an educational degree to know that the foreign policy not only failed on these two countries but was a catastrophe for the inhabitants. It’s true that Saddam and Gadaffi were both dictators, sometimes very brutal and a peaceful removal of them wouldn’t have created any complaints from me. However both attacks created events that are much, much worse than the original civilian societies that were in place. The persecution of a few should never be solved by the persecution of all.

Iraqis and Libyans, instead of just avoiding the brutal security services don’t know who is a friend or who is an enemy. Keeping the status quo didn’t have to be the only option. The politicians should have done what they are paid to do, negotiate to try to end the cruelties inflicted on the few, not bomb ALL of them. International sanctions don’t have to have such a disastrous effect on the general population as they did, particularly in Iraq. Instead of banning medicines which affects the poorest in society, restrictions should be inflicted on the leaders. Turn their country in to a prison for the wealthy, restrict their business opportunities (without the insane sanctions the US inflicted on Iran). There are probably plenty more astute methods but then again, I’m not paid an extremely good wage every week to solve these problems, politicians are.

Dropping bombs only has a detrimental effect on the population and considering Iraq and Libya are still fresh in peoples mind, we have the perfect reminders why we shouldn’t use a military solution. Politicians on all sides should bear this in mind. Blair is regarded as extreme low life by most in this country… Today’s leaders could well be the ‘Tony Blair’s’ of the next decade or two.

Politicians tell us of the wonders of democracy, they need to have one eye on the future because people can and do use the ballot box for payback.


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