Unconvincing propaganda failure with UNICEF collusion.

BBC news have claimed Russian or Syrian aircraft have attacked a school killing 22 people, including at least 7 children. Anthony Lake, the executive director of UNICEF said “If it’s deliberate, it is yet another war crime committed by Pro Assad forces and was probably the largest single event on a school in the war so far”

Wrong, Mr Lake!!

You appear to have forgotten the school that was attacked by two car bombs in Homs in 2014. The United Nations Relief and Works Agency stated:

“Initial reports indicate that at least 39 people were killed in the incident, of whom 30 were children. Three Palestine refugee children lost their lives and a further two were injured.”

The twin bomb attacks on Akrama Al Makhzoumi School in Homs on 1 October, 2014 happened when two car bombs were left outside the school gates.

Absolutely no doubt of the intent here, Mr Lake.

Why wasn’t this atrocity in a government held area condemned? The different treatment of these two events suggest a political element influencing UNICEF statements and that is unacceptable. There have also been dozens of attacks on schools and university’s in government held areas that have slipped under your radar. You are very quick to condemn Assad forces without minimal evidence, but blind to the daily murders of civilians in government held regions. Basic principles should be adhered to in order to be fair and none political. Considering the bias in your statements and the failure to see atrocities committed by terrorists, do you think your $200,000+ salary is justified, Mr Lake? Personally, I think if you had any decency at all, you would realise your position is untenable and jump off this charitable gravy train.

Of course, questions should have been asked straight away when the SOHR were making this claim. How many times can this British government funded, one man band, who is extremely anti Assad and boasts of countless terrorist contacts in Syria, be taken seriously? These horror stories keep appearing and it’s always the same people that make the claims that are then repeated, without being verified.

Mud sticks and false allegations are a vital part of the propaganda machine. Journalists know that people are affected by the drip-drip effect of their headlines and rarely provide compelling evidence to back them up. Even if they do finally admit they were wrong, it’s always a low key admission, far away from the front pages.

I searched for information, to either confirm or dismiss the allegations of UNICEF, but there was nothing about this atrocity. The story just dried up. From it being broadcast numerous times as the top news story, it simply vanished. This is very unusual. Even the fabricated attack on a hospital produced a BBC documentary, Saving Syria’s Children. For the BBC to drop this story like a hot potato, there must have been serious flaws.

This video doesn’t convince me:

First of all Orient News is a terrorist sympathetic news agency. A Russian spokesperson insisted none of it’s aircraft were in the area at the time of the attack. Russia also took video footage from a drone of their own and experts concluded there was nowhere near enough damage for it to have been an air strike. The video above appears to be a very poor attempt to convince people of the attack, yet again White Helmets were on the scene.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed the attack and White Helmets at the scene, an extremely suspicious combination. Looking at this footage here, it’s not surprising the BBC dropped the story, it’s embarrassingly obvious that it isn’t genuine.

So we had an extremist news agency, the White Helmets (an extension of Al Nusra) and a bitter Syrian exile who were all instrumental in this story and no one was suspicious?

There is more on this story here.

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