Ronald Fiddler by name, fiddler by nature.

If reports are true about this imbecile, Ronald Fiddler, I’m very pleased that he is splattered over the desert. Not normally speaking ill of the dead, I’ll make an exception for this misguided, easily led and naive excuse of a man. If he received a million pounds from this government or any government, it should be discovered who authorised it. The person or people that did, should be forced to repay it and be tried for fraud. Why should we pay for American crimes? Guantanamo was and is an American internment camp and while I would condemn the practice of imprisonment without fair trial, I don’t think we should pay for it.

The UK security services may well have been heavily involved, and if they were, we should make sure it can’t happen again. The lessons have not been learnt because we are meddling in Syria, when it is abundantly clear what the consequences are. Guantanamo is abhorrent, but the British taxpayer shouldn’t foot the bill. If Blair got Fiddler released he should be arrested for aiding terrorism.

I’m pleased that I can’t explain to Mr Fiddler that his decision to lather himself all over the Middle East doesn’t prove to anyone that he was a good Muslim. Quite the opposite, it proves that he was a stupid man, conned by the ISIS leaders that won’t be jumping into an explosive laden vehicle any time soon. These ISIS ‘top brass’ aren’t much different to conventional Generals in the armed forces.

The most compelling reason not to be ISIS cannon fodder is because it is not a just cause. Bashar Al Assad never had different laws for different religions. Yes, prejudices existed but was anyone allowed to go and put a bullet in an injured mans head, while he lay on the floor, probably already dying? Was a particular segment of society not allowed in certain areas? How about a religious group not being allowed to travel freely without having to negotiate checkpoints?

If Mr Fiddler wanted to die for a just cause he should have been driving his weapon of mass destruction towards the criminal entity occupying the Golan Heights. I didn’t want to offend this mans family and I hope they don’t mourn him for too long. He simply isn’t worth it. My concern would go to the families of any brave Iraqi soldiers caught up in his quest to please his ISIS masters.

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