Trumps selective travel ban.

Donald Trump claims his recent travel ban is designed to stop terrorist entry to the US. Apart from the fact that it doesn’t affect Saudi Arabia, the Middle Eastern country that promotes the Wahhabism, (the most extreme Islamic teachings) two other exceptions have been made. One is Raed Salah, the leader of the White Helmets. The other is described as a cinematographer for the White Helmets, Khaled Khatib. They are being allowed entry for the Oscar awards.

The fact that the White Helmets employ a cinematographer speaks for itself.

Investigations by independent journalists, Eva Bartlett and Vanessa Beeley have exposed the White Helmets as an ISIS asset. The witness statements of evacuees from Aleppo overwhelmingly claim that the White Helmets only assisted the terrorist fighters and ignored civilians, unless their cinematographer was present. Close inspection of the videos Mr Khatib recorded reveal that something is not quite right. Victims in a conflict zone are not paraded before they get treatment. Children ‘dumped’ in the back of an ambulance to be left untreated, to enable video footage to be taken, is not normal first aid procedure. The emergency situation of a collapsed building does not allow rescuers to frantically remove rubble, this could disturb the building to collapse even more. After an earthquake, the procedure has to be meticulous and thoughtful to save lives.

More evidence of White Helmet deception is in their own publicity stunts.


Having seen many of the videos produced by the White Helmets, these ladies above haven’t rescued anyone. You will be lucky to see any women, even victims, in their productions. ISIS interpretation of Islam would forbid their involvement, which is the reason they don’t appear in any dramatic rescue footage.

Even though I have been able to find reasons why Mr Saleh and Mr Khatib should be refused a visa, the  CIA, FBI, Home Security and whatever other American  security organisations exist, have been unable to flag these two Syrian nationals up as a possible terrorist threat? The answer to that is yes. Just last year, whilst Obama was still president, Mr Saleh was banned from entry into the US.

Despite all this, the two White Helmet terrorists will feel amongst friends at the Oscars. After all, their productions will blend in nicely with all the fantasy and horror movies.


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