Virtual news blackout on Foua slaughter.

Pro-government captives being rescued from under terrorist siege aren’t as news-worthy.

This exchange of several thousand people under siege was always going to be difficult. The deal was brokered by Qatar and Iran, on behalf of each side. Qatar has been a major sponsor and supplier of terrorist groups that have been tormenting the Syrian people for over six years. Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad had previously rejected a Qatar request for a pipeline across Syria, in order to supply the European market with gas. This would have affected current Russian monopoly of the energy supply but I don’t believe this is the reason Russia accepted the request for help from the Syrian government. They have been long term allies anyhow.

The reason that the media have no interest in these victims is because it won’t be in President Trump’s interest to bomb Al Qaida/ISIS, after all he is on their side. The MSM (mainstream media) filled the pages and screens with images of dead children when the chemical attack was claimed to have killed them. Now it is a terrorist suicide bomb, they aren’t bothered. Even if Assad had attacked Khan Sheikhoun, it was at least a military target. The attack on the evacuees from Foua was certain to kill many women and children. There are stories coming out already that this was a sophisticated plan and also of White Helmet involvement. Equally disturbing is the fact that the process appears to have stalled.

The terrorists have the upper hand in every respect. They aren’t under any legal obligation regarding war crimes. Westerners aren’t allowed into rebel areas without risking a cruel death. Incidents accusing Assad of war crimes cannot be verified but the media clearly support terrorist explanations and repeat them incessantly.

Anyone who buys a newspaper (I haven’t for a long time) can refer back to the recent headlines with the chemical attacks and compare it to the evacuees bombing. Without looking, I can guarantee a vast difference in reporting levels, even though the nearest most of these reporters get to the crime scene is in the safety of Beirut.

I would urge people to disregard the Western mainstream media and search out the many impartial, independent news websites. I am finding it’s not just what the MSM do say, it’s just as important as what they don’t say.

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