One cover-up overshadowing another.

On the same day that six people are charged over Hillsborough, it’s announced that the number of Grenfell victims will not be known for at least six months.

This is the template for Government cover-ups. This is why ‘Inquiries’ are set up. Its the ‘time is a great healer’ theory. We don’t fall for it every time, it’s just human nature. Only the closest to the tragedy cannot or are unable to forget until they can get some sort of closure to the events. The rest of us will quickly forget because that’s how we are.

The Inquiries Act (2005).

This law was written to give the relevant British Minister the authorisation to control the direction of any inquiry. The Minister will decide what should be included and therefore (potentially) control the direction of any inquiry to suit their own agenda. (This is my own perception of why the law was changed and I’m not qualified or intelligent enough to trawl through legal documents to confirm my view).

The Hillsborough charges.

Unless some officers have been extremely stupid or there is overwhelming evidence against them, these trials are merely for show, to appease relatives of the victims. The Thatcher Government supported the Police and none of those politicians will ever be brought to justice. These Police officers may have been incompetent and corrupt but they were assisted in the cover-up.


The BBC news web page announced that the true number of Grenfell victims would not be known this year.


It seems that the cladding used on Grenfell is only now being rigorously tested for fire resistance. Where are the safety authorities that must have originally approved the cladding?

Corbyn and terrorism.

Before the election, the Conservatives were accusing Corbyn of being a terrorist sympathiser. He is and never has been anything of the sort. He’s been prepared to talk to suspect organisations as a means to a peaceful outcome. In one swift move, the Conservatives have created the conditions that might destroy any faith in democracy that the Nationalists in Northern Ireland had. Unless strict preconditions were agreed to about the distribution of their ‘bribe’ from the Conservatives, there could be far reaching repercussions. Theresa May won’t mind, as long as she is still the Prime Minister.


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