Ban Trump from the UK.

When will Trump realise that Mickey Mouse could have beaten Clinton? (without the under 18 vote)

Trump won by default. Even Clintons own party supporters couldn’t bear voting for her. It wasn’t some kind of fantastic victory, it was the result of Clinton being despised, not him being popular.

Who could possibly find the ruthless, extravagant, arrogant Trump electable if there had been a reasonable alternative? Clinton couldn’t have beaten an egg. Even by American standards, Trump is like some kind of cartoonish baddie. If he didn’t exist, it would take a remarkable imagination to create him.

He has the eloquence of a boxing journeyman, who wasn’t very bright in the first place. His speech at the UN was made more amusing by the fact he kept swinging round to view his teleprompter. It’s alarming that he ever made it in business, never mind became the President of the US when he is clearly not too bright.

His recent support for the ‘Britain First’ claims surrounding video footage of Muslims abusing non Muslims was complete fabrication and in any event, several years old. As usual, the clumsy, ignorant President tweeted first without consulting any of his apparently useless advisers. Just like the ‘Britain First’ leadership, he has been humiliated by his propensity to want to criticise Muslims in general, rather than the tiny minority that wish non Muslims any harm.

If Trump wants to make a difference and put his money where his mouth is, he should cease support for the SDF in Syria, who have just made a comprehensive deal with ISIS to stop fighting each other. This effectively puts them on the same side and is further proof of the real agenda in Syria, which is to weaken the state so that it can no longer protect itself from Israeli aggression. Of course , he won’t do that because he is not in control of events in the Middle East.

His son-in-law, Jared Kushner, Orthodox Jew and lifelong friend of Netanyahu is running the show in that part of the world. Trump promised to bring peace to Palestine and Israel but simply put Kushner, the fox, in charge of the hen house.

Unfortunately, cartoon characters can’t hold a candle to these ‘difficult to imagine’ real people. Life is becoming more like a fairytale every day and even worse, unlike the books we may have read, the wicked witch et al are winning.

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