Israeli’s having fun at the Gaza containment fence.

Nikki Haley gets in to the spirit by vetoing a UN resolution condemning Israeli violence.

The sickening executions (because that’s what they are) by Israel Defence Force on the Gaza border is yet more evidence of a psychopathic culture that knows no bounds. And if you didn’t already regard Nikki Haley as a bunny boiler in the extreme, it’s time to reconsider.

The latest atrocity by Israel, which to varying degrees they commit on a daily basis, reiterates that something is not quite right in the minds of the vast majority of Israeli citizens. The IDF is a conscript army, so that means that most over 18’s have at some point been colluding against the Palestinians by generally making their lives a misery or violently attacking them. It doesn’t mean they have to mistreat or victimise Palestinians but apart from a few exceptions, they do.

Other compelling evidence of mass psychosis are the polls taken during Operation Cast Lead, Operation Pillar of Defense and Operation Protective Edge (notice how the names of each slaughter became more ‘serene’?), which resulted in an approval rate of over 90% for the war crimes committed on the people of Gaza. If they did a consensus today, it would highly likely be a similar approval rate.

But for publicly stating these undisputed facts, numerous Jewish groups in the UK would label me an anti semite. I’ve come to the conclusion I really don’t give a fuck. These verbal vigilante’s can take their restrictions and exemptions to a place where someone might actually care. Why should I worry about a few hurt feelings when people are dying and they won’t condemn it?

If they want to compare graffiti close to synagogue or a snide remark at a bus stop, muttered by a neanderthal who can barely write his name, to a clinical, meticulously organised mass execution and maiming committed on the Gaza border, be my guest.

If the JLC or BoD want to crucify me for reminding them of the old school playground rhyme, ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me’, that’s up to them. The witch hunt they are carrying out at present has probably given cover to the IDF and silenced Corbyn’s criticism of the clinical murders of Palestinians. And that is what the campaign against Corbyn is all about. The accusations of anti semitism bombarding the Labour leader are to stop him condemning the Israeli violence and uncivilised behaviour which he has, for most of his life, fought against. It has nothing to do with hating Jews and everything to do with rightly condemning a lawless, violent and torturous assault on a people who are not allowed to fight back militarily, because of the Israeli blockade around Gaza. By design, they are sitting ducks.

Not only do they stop weapons from entering, which denies them any way of protecting themselves, the blockade prevents many items you or I take for granted. Water is at a premium with many children being forced to drink it, even though we would consider it too polluted for animals. The UN has declared Gaza will be unfit for human habitation by 2020.

But lets stay on topic and condemn the smirking teenagers or the village idiot fascist for mouthing a childish slur. The march toward the separation barbed wired and probably electrocuted fence that surrounds Gaza was publicised in advance. This isn’t the reaction to civil disorder that turned into a riot situation that many police forces around the world might have to cope with. This is a pre-empted and well coordinated military operation. They set up the snipers, who didn’t have to camouflage because there would be no one to shoot back at them and fitted the drones with noxious substances. Don’t expect accusations of Israel chemical weapons use any time soon.

The fear of being called anti semitic isn’t just restricted to Jeremy Corbyn. How many politicians have condemned the Israeli actions? It’s not just the Labour Party either. Has Theresa May or the clumsy bastard, Boris Johnson called for restraint? If they did, it was very quietly. Has Joan ‘we want both sides to have peace’ Ryan uttered any condemnation? I haven’t heard her and this reveals the fear of not just the Israel critics but it’s allies as well. The JLC, BoD and other pro Israeli groups have even shut down criticism from their own side. If they speak out, they will be confronted with a campaign intended to silence them…. And nothing to do with anti semitism.

*JLC is the Jewish Leadership Council.

*BoD is the Board of Deputies of British Jews.

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