The cruelty of the Israeli regime.

The BBC and all the other major news agencies manage to keep it quiet.

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 17.12.37

This is an image of Ibrahim Abu Thuraya. He has been killed by Israeli soldiers during a protest. He was shot in the head in the Gaza ‘buffer zone’. He had already lost his legs and suffered numerous other injuries due to an Israeli strike previously. Despite his injuries, he continued to find work and campaigned against the Israeli treatment of Palestinians.

BBC news mentioned that there had been more Palestinians arrested during a funeral yesterday. They failed to mention that it was the funeral of a disabled man and subsequent attempts to use a search engine in order to find more details about this despicable crime have revealed that none of the major media outlets have covered this story.

‘He was amongst protestors with covered faces and catapults’ might be the response of pro Israelis. This could have been a mitigating argument, even though I don’t accept it. This blanket approach to certain newsworthy items is one in a long line of crimes committed by Israel that the media try their best to ignore. The murder is of such a callous nature, that it is indefensible and that is the reason the BBC, Reuters, etc have avoided it. Not even their imaginative writers can put a ‘justifiable’ spin on this.

Executing suspects or protesters is a becoming a world wide occurrence. Law enforcement are being protected by politicians and some extraordinary jury verdicts. There has not been a single conviction of a police officer here in the UK for any offences related to firearms malpractice. There are instances where the victim could not possibly have lived because of the sheer volume of rounds fired at them. The Israelis appear to be the primary experts in this field.

Having a role model like Israel is a frightening prospect.


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