Connecting the dots.

Bana and her family meeting Erdogan:


Bana’s dad tidied himself up for this photo shoot above.

However, he was photographed in a slightly less complimentary state here:


So while Bana was pleading with the world about being terrorised by Syrian forces, her father was firing rockets and killing innocent civilians in the government held part of Aleppo.

And if this is Bana, as the twitter id suggests:


Then is this Bana too? :


The photo above is taken from Bana’s fathers instagram. Her father has now made it private.

(Thanks to @maytham, @Navstéva, @EHSANI2 and others for the images) These twitter users have totally nailed Bana’s terrorist father. Eliot Higgins on the other hand, did not.

While Erdogan is looking so pleased with himself welcoming a terrorist and his family he should remember that this man was a supporter of Bana’s father:


Despite apologies from Turkish officials over the Ambassador assassination, it would seem to me that the Bana photo shoot of Erdogan’s is a ‘f*** you’ to Russia. President Putin will not need the likes of me to tell him this. Erdogan must think he’s stupid.

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