A headline writers dream.

.. The picture isn’t very impressive though.

parsons green

This rather pathetic looking device has provided our automatic rifle carrying Police to ‘big it up’ in many cities and towns this weekend, as the terrorist warning alerts go to critical. It seems that the fireball emitted from this bomb was very environmentally friendly to it’s surroundings and only managed to singe a few eyebrows. The stampede that followed it seems to have been more of a health and safety issue than the contents of the Lidl cooler bag.

One woman described it as being like Hillsborough with people stacked on top of each other and even a pregnant woman being knocked over. I have no idea if the witness knew how many people died at the football ground tragedy but comparing the two events leaves me speechless.

The Police response is fairly predictable. Give any officer who can shoot straight a weapon but don’t tell the public what the suspect looks like.

The government quickly had a ‘COBRA’ meeting, an event that is becoming more frequent. I wonder what Boris Johnson does at these hastily arranged gatherings? The thought of top level critical meeting with this clown being a vital cog doesn’t fill me with confidence. He can barely put one foot in front of the other without stepping in dog excrement and he can’t make a statement without creating a crowd of people shaking their heads in disbelief. The man is an absolute prick.

Bucket bomber!

The Daily Mail expresses the usual over the top horror at this most recent attack to try to scare the public. They never mention the fact that the British government have been creating opportunities for real terrorists to cause untold bloodshed in many other countries with their foreign policies for decades. Sadly, these examples are rather more deadly and happen on a daily basis in town and cities in primarily, the Middle East.

Huge sigh of relief.

The blundering bomber has been arrested, so London’s commuters can now travel safely, as long as there are no more unattended carrier bags detected. It would be interesting to have a list of exactly what injuries this ‘terrorist incident’ created. Supposedly, 29 people were injured but the worst i’ve seen is more akin to cigarette lighter accident. Twisted ankles and pulled muscles, perhaps?

If you think I’m being far too casual about the Parsons Green ‘bombing’, it’s intentional. The bombing and subsequent reporting are a cynical attempt to convince people that we are in imminent danger of the easily influenced, incompetent and laughable ‘security risk’ extremists. The terrorists that the British Army have been training in and around Syria will be much more of a threat than the bucket bomber and his pals. You won’t be told about the equipping of terrorists likely to attack Syrian soldiers defending their homes and families. They won’t tell you the truth about the millions of pounds the UK government has given the bogus ISIS fire brigade, the White Helmets.

The Grenfell inquiry.

I also doubt that this PR exercise will reveal much, either. We will have to wait and see if Boris Johnson’s butchering of the London Fire Brigade will be regarded as relevant. It wasn’t just the reduction of Fire Stations in the capital that should be investigated, it should also reveal how many very experienced and long serving Firemen took early retirement and if it had any bearing on the rescuing of victims or the way in which they tackled the blaze. I’m not saying that those firefighters that did attend did anything wrong but there are certain times when more experienced heads are required. I don’t expect these questions to be answered or many others in what will be another state coverup.

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