UK government funds £38,425,591.23 to the White Helmets.

The rest of us will have to make do with ‘austerity’.

A freedom of information request, answered here, has revealed the staggering amount the British government have given to the terrorist accomplices, the White Helmets, in Syria. There is zero evidence that they have provided support for any groups, other than the terrorist militia that they almost always had headquarters close to. Vanessa Beeley  and Eva Bartlett have consistently exposed the WH’s and supported the claims with credible evidence – in most cases using their own facebook pages.

For a long time the terrorists masquerading as the friend of Syrian people were found wanting when it came to internet savvy behaviour. They constantly posted images of themselves in a WH uniform, only to have earlier uploaded their image posing with a bunch of terrorists and holding an automatic weapon. But these weren’t the only things that aroused suspicion.

White Helmets have only ever operated in areas held by terrorists.

The WH’s have never protected government held areas from the constant danger of hell cannons. As the video proves, these crude weapons could have devastating effect. If this isn’t enough evidence, a small number of journalists, brave enough to venture on to the front lines in Syria, have taken witness statements from victims escaping the ruins that was once their town or city.

The interviews confirm that the WH’s were effectively enablers and policing neighbourhoods for the extremists. They didn’t attend missile strike sites unless they contained their terrorist friends. The only other occasions would be to grab footage of another daring rescue. The many videos provided by the mainstream media are unconvincing dramatics, set up purely for the waiting cameramen.

Experts that have watched the WH’s in action have claimed that no self respecting emergency rescue service would try to retrieve victims in the same way. They would risk both the trapped person and the rescuers. Criticism of how the WH’s used specialist equipment has also been widespread amongst seasoned and experienced first responders.

The mysterious James le Mesurier.

Mercenary and intelligence agency asset le Mesurier is the man who has managed to get the huge amounts of money donated by the UK and other nations. He has continually lied about the aims of the WH’s and repeated some outrageous claims concerning ‘barrel bombs’. Apart from a few grainy images of the urban legend bombs dropped from helicopters, there is little evidence of widespread use. On the other hand, examples of  the catastrophic results when propane gas bottles filled with explosives are bringing down multi storey buildings can be found easily on YouTube.

What does all this mean for UK taxpayers?

Apart from the immoral and illegal funding of a terrorist organisation, aiding and abetting war crimes and conspiracy to perform acts of terror, nothing.


This is an image of an empty hospital corridor, unless the amenity is closed, a very rare sight in the UK.

£38,425,591.23 could have been a lifeline to thousands of UK citizens who are slowly realising the effects of the Conservative government’s austerity measures. Experts predicted they would take a long time to start ‘biting’. I believe that time has come, hold on – it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Further proof of White Helmet complicity in acts of terrorism can be found here.


This is just one example.

8 thoughts on “UK government funds £38,425,591.23 to the White Helmets.

    • It’s easy to say ‘apathetic’, but till I retired from working 65/70 hours a week as a Teacher, I never had time to do much else. Millions are struggling to put food on their tables; many working shitty insecure zero hours contracts wondering how they’re going to pay the gas bill etc.; they haven’t got time either. Which is just the way Govt. wants it. I get what you mean, but think it’s a tad unkind. I’m positive if tomorrow night every TV channel and every Newspaper in the UK, did an expose of the racket that UK Gov. is – there’d be hell to pay. For Theresa May. She’s doing a Tony Blair, but she’s a women, and it just seems that much more callous somehow. 🙂

      • I agree with you that people would care if fully informed. I also agree that the system is slowly killing the spirit of the populace, low paid jobs, zero contract etc. However, we are all under the same pressure from social conditioning yet some manage to get their heads above it. Those with children to feed and raise have little choice. I accept that point and understand how family responsibilities are cleverly used as a weapon to control or subdue people. But what about the millions who have no such excuses? What about the young men and women who care more about their clothes and hair than their communities? They are victims of what is effectively brainwashing and seem unable or unwilling to break free. But they have an obligation to try harder. Not everyone should be lifted and laid, surely?

  1. I’ve wrote to my constituency MP on three occasions, citing evidence of terrorist affiliation with regards to the White Helmets. Even using a high degree of scepticism, the myths surrounding these low level criminals has collapsed. Clearly, le Mesurier having been closely associated with British intelligence was promised full funding, even if the taxpayers here had to foot the bill.
    I can’t believe how often I think of ‘the Emperor’s New Clothes’ comparison when we look at our own government. In denial of reality is an understatement.

    • You never said how your MP responded? My MP is a #Blairite so I’d not waste my time. I notices someone on Twiitter suggested Emily Thornberry, but personally I thinks she’s a #Blairite too. She’s LFI.

      I was lying in bed the other night and it occured to me, that if I saw or knew of a crime that was being committed, I’d report it in the first instance to the Police. Maybe it’s that simple; or that complicated. Surely if we made enough of a fuss, instead of talking amongst ourselves on social media, something positive could happen. What’s the worst that case scenario; they don’t listen to us? Or we wait till the dust settles in Syria, whichever way that is, then like with Iraq the truth starts to leak out, but to no avail. Why wait??

  2. Hi,
    I’m concerned at the amount they say’s been given. I have a vid clip of Boris Johnson, 2017, claiming to have given WH’s £65m. A lot more than: “As of 31 March 2018, the **total sum** of funding that the British Government has supplied to the White Helmets is £38,425,591.23.”

    It’s a very short vid clip 45 seconds.

    Something’s not adding up.

    Thanks a million for doing this.

  3. Hi Elena, i’ve found my question to Matt Warman (my MP) and it is here:

    You quite rightly mentioned the discrepancy over the real cost. The official freedom of information figures are way too low and even the figure you quote of £65 million is likely to be.

    I just found Matt Warman’s response:

    The governments Conflict Stability and Security Fund is how they fiddle the figures.

    Thanks for your interest.

  4. Further to my my previous answer, the Conflict Stability and Security fund has a budget of £1.16 billion currently and details of how it is spent are sketchy, to say the least.

    Conflict, Stability and Security Fund resources, financial year 2017 to 2018

    CSSF 2017/18 (millions)
    Peacekeeping & Multilateral 391.7
    Regional/Country Strategies 606.3
    Security & Defence 150
    Delivery Support, including the Stabilisation Unit & National School of Government 14.5
    Total 1162.5

    Members of the UK Parliament have complained that the fund is not transparent enough and the vague report above leaves us in no doubt that there is a huge amount of UK taxpayers money being used without overview. It would seem we will never know the true amounts but it isn’t just this aspect that is disturbing. Government officials have claimed that the White Helmets have saved 75,000 lives but there is no independent confirmation. The WH’s themselves are the source and bearing in mind that the only areas they work in are exclusively ‘rebel’ held, the numbers must be questionable.
    Since the start of the Syrian war, the UK government have repeatedly demanded Assad must go, which contradicts the name of fund and have clearly fuelled, not stabilised the Syrian catastrophe. James le Mesurier’s past doesn’t suggest he is in the business of peace keeping, quite the opposite. The choice of Turkey as the organisations headquarters and training facilities is very important too because the seemingly endless supply of terrorists have been flooding over the Turkey-Syria border.
    Matt Warman, Boris Johnson and other political figures promoting the WH’s could study the reports by Vanessa Beeley and Eva Bartlett, journalists that have thoroughly exposed them, using many of their own Facebook images and posts to reveal that they wear the WH uniform and are also armed with automatic rifles. The father of ‘Bana’ was similarly exposed as a gun wielding terrorist who lived just doors away from an Al Nusra facilitation.
    Despite the overwhelming evidence, the UK government continue to fund these extremists and by referring to their own anti terrorism laws, should be prosecuted. Sadly, I don’t think any of our politicians are likely to whisked off anytime soon using the draconian legislation they produced to use on the rest of us.

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