Raed Saleh and the Emperor’s new clothes.

This White Helmet story WON’T be having the typical ending to a fairytale………..’They all lived happily ever after’.

An item on the US news channel CBS claims that the White Helmets are in imminent danger, as more terrorist held towns and cities are liberated in Southern Syria. An article by Kylie Atwood and Margaret Brennan, Western allies plan White Helmets evacuation from Syria describes how despite their heroic life saving reputation and canny knack of having a camera crew and some photogenic dust covered kids handy, threats to assassinate them have surfaced. The linked story above is a collection of lies that must have been difficult to compose in a single article but the two journalists have succeeded.

The headline reference to the Hans Christian Andersen story refers to how the US and its obedient minions continue to insist something is true when the vast majority of us know it is a total fabrication. The King in the fairytale was conned into thinking he had brand new clothes when in fact he was naked.

Evacuation of the White Helmets from Syria is the latest twist to this bizarre episode. Disregarding the White Helmet boast of saving over 70,000 lives, they are now under threat of being murdered by their fellow citizens, the very people they claim to have been pulling from wrecked buildings created by the Syrian and Russian aerial bombardments. The numbers of rescues they claim to have achieved is not supported by any credible database, merely by the White Helmets themselves. The White Helmets have never worked in government areas, only terrorist held regions. Background information regarding their relationship with various extremist factions in Syria has been written by, Piers Robinson, who totally destroys Western government claims that they are a credible organisation. Vanessa Beeley has exposed the fabrication that is the ‘White Helmets’ at the wall will fall. She has also uncovered a wealth of damning evidence concerning the group, much of it from their own FaceBook photographs and statements expressing clear support for ISIS, Al Qaeda and others.

Homes for retired terrorists.

UK intelligence agencies constantly remind us how many times they have averted a terrorist attack, even though the ‘masterminds’ of these plots are nothing of the sort. The Manchester attack clearly hasn’t worried the police, even though Salman Abedi was part of a vibrant community of Libyans living under UK government protection and he still carried out the atrocity. This was done even though UK forces helped remove Colonel Gaddafi, the reason his parents had given for having to flee Libya in the first place. With that in mind, shouldn’t there be a much more cautious approach with regards foreign guests with dubious histories? Without doubt he White Helmets fall into this category.

CBS claim that the countries which have been funding the White Helmets are now considering their evacuation from Syria but why should that be necessary when we have been told by every mainstream media outlet that they have been saving thousands of civilian lives over the past few years? It’s because its not true. The White Helmet financiers are now worried the recipients of huge Western financial investment are going to be held accountable over their crimes AGAINST the Syrian people.

So James Le Mesurier’s never ending cash-cow continues but he hasn’t quite finished taking the piss out of UK taxpayers just yet. As long as the White Helmet charade continues, Le Mesurier profits, the benefit of being part of the ‘old boys’ network and military intelligence here in the UK. Anywhere else, he would have been arrested for financing and enabling terrorism.

Someone, somewhere will suffer the consequences for the deliberate crimes inflicted on the Syrian people and the terrible price they have paid for this intervention by proxy terrorists. Such has been the importance of propaganda created by the White Helmets, they can have no complaints if its them.

Houdini bad nothing on the White Helmets.

Previously, whenever Syrian government forces have took back control of terrorist held areas, the White Helmets and all their expensive camera equipment have vanished into thin air. It appears they could be cornered this time, hence the panic. Their expertise in false flags could be harnessed by the UK government in Salisbury. Rumours that the properties of Mr Skripal and the police officer allegedly injured in the Novichok crisis have been purchased by the authorities will have created two empty, sizable homes that could be put to good use.

Despite their continued support for Le Mesurier’s henchmen, the reality is that there is so much evidence exposing the terrorist/White Helmet associations that those governments still claiming they are a Syrian emergency service, are plain liars. There is no way that they could be oblivious to the countless examples of collusion and affiliation with terrorists.

The traitors should be held accountable under Syrian law, rather than by street justice. The country has seen enough bloodshed and as soon as these last remnants of extremists are rounded up, the focus must be on how to bring about some sense of normality for the vast majority and set about repairing the damage that the invaders have inflicted on the Syrian people and its infrastructure.

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